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‘John Wick Hex’ Gets Release Date

John Wick Hex Trailer Video Game

The John Wick films are a commercial and critical success and, because of this, they are getting their own video-game prequel. The indie title will be releasing on the 8th of October for PC and there is no word on whether it will launch on other platforms.

What kind of game is John Wick Hex?

Bithell Games have decided to try something different. Rather than making John Wick a first-person, action-packed thrill-ride of a shooter, they have designed a turn-based, tactical puzzle game.

The company developed Thomas Was Alone, Volume and Subsurface Circula which are all smaller indie games. So, it may come as a shock that they are the ones tasked with designing the new John Wick game but Bithell says that there’s a reason behind it.

I think the outside world thinks of [John Wick] as like an action franchise. But from [Liongate’s] perspective, it’s just an indie movie that did really well and changed into these three great films. so they were very into the idea of doing something thAt was less obvious and was interesting.

Mike Bithell

As the game is being designed by Indie developers, it has a much more artistic style to it. Rather than going for hyper-realism, Bithell Games have opted for comic-esque graphics.

The Voice Actors

Ian McShane and Lance Reddick are on board to reprise their roles from the movies which is an incredible feat for such a small company. There’s no doubt that Lion Gate are responsible but hopefully this publicity will help boost them into popularity.

However, Keanu Reeves will not be present (if you want to find him in a video-game, grab yourself a copy of Cyberpunk 2077). Nonetheless, the company have secured the talented A-List video-game voice actor Troy Baker to play the villain ‘Hex’.

Baker is known for voicing the Joker, Booker DeWitt, Abaddon, Joel, Pagan Min and so many more. There’s no doubt that he will give a great performance worthy of the franchise.

John Wick Hex will release on October 8 on the Epic Store for $20.

Are you looking forward to John Wick Hex? What other movies would you like to see adapted as video-games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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