John Wick: His Most Recognizable Traits

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John Wick is one of the most well-known anti-hero characters that has garnered his own fan base. The franchise’s success is highly attributed to the story’s gritty plot and adrenaline-inducing fight scenes. Moreover, John Wick’s unique personality stands out the most.


He is easily recognized and distinguished from other action movie characters because of his signature movements. Fans will more likely see these defining traits in the much-awaited fourth chapter. Here are the most recognizable Baba Yaga personality traits of John Wick:

A Man Of Few Words

John Wick 3


As quiet as deep water, as nimble as a cat – that’s how John Wick moves in the dark. He does not utter any word, and he mostly does not talk during fights. Other action movie characters like babbling too much to brag or intimidate, but Wick does not play like that.

He only speaks when necessary and if he vows to kill someone as if he utters an oath. Wick does not play mind games or riddles; he goes straight to the point. He does not share sentiments or his past experiences which can be considered his best advantage.

The Deadly Stare

Keanu Reeves


Wick’s emotionless stare always does the trick. He never shows any sign of humanness aside from when he fights and gets hurt. The guy tends to remain stoic and unbothered, which has become John Wick’s signature countenance.

This is also his way of telling people to back off and never mess with him. It does not mean that he is rude or has no good manners. He just wants to let everyone know he is not someone to be trifled with.

The Way He Holds His Weapons

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One of John Wick’s most noticeable movements is his stance and the angle he holds his weapons. One can never miss it because it is so distinct and precisely executed. The way he carries himself in battles shows that he has had a roster of experiences in the past.

It is also his technique of getting ahead of his enemies. One has always got to be ready to fire in case anyone is lurking in the corners. For someone who works mainly in the dark, Wick is always cautious of his surroundings, hence his always-ready stance.

Only The Best Tailored Suits

John Wick 1


The irony of wearing suits only to be stained with your enemies’ blood is absolutely worth the trouble. Certainly, it is not really comfortable to wear such tight-fitting coat-and-tie and well-polished shoes into a fight, but that’s the trick.

His suits aren’t just for style, but they are functional and tactically woven which acts as armor. Even the placement of pockets and buttons is thoroughly planned and designed.

Signature Hand-To-Hand Combat Style

John Wick Combat


When Wick runs out of bullets, he switches to hand-to-hand combat mode. The brutal fighting scenes take a couple of minutes with continuous action to keep the momentum alive. This requires him to be physically prepared.

While Keanu Reeves learned a couple of martial arts for the role, he mainly uses close grappling, punching, and a combination of flips and throws. His prominent fighting style also makes up for his entire character.


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