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Johnny Depp Is Now Kryptonite to All Major Movie Franchises, Reveals Producer

After the US jury took sides with Johnny Depp in his libel case against Amber his ex-wife Heard, could the decision help the actor to revive his career? This is one of the most asked questions after the US jury passed the final verdict. On Wednesday Johnny Depp said the jury “gave me my life back” because he was awarded $10 million+ in damages for defamation.

Johnny Depp's trial may bounce back actor's career
Johnny Depp’s trial may bounce back actor’s career

In this trial, testimonies are from Hollywood agents, accountants, and lawyers, who were asked to evaluate whether the former couple had derailed one another’s careers. Although, Amber Heard’s legal team brought up witnesses who said her ex-husband’s star was already losing its shine due to “unprofessional behavior”, which included drinking and drug consumption. So, it might be a drawback for him.

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Can Johnny Depp’s Career Will Revive With a Defamation Verdict?

Johnny Depp is to return on screen again
Johnny Depp is to return on screen again

A Hollywood producer who has worked with Johnny Depp in the past said:

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“The damage that’s done is done, and from this, it might start a process back to some sort of normalcy.”

“But I don’t think he’s going to get big, big, big studio jobs where there’s so much on the line. If he’s throwing bottles and taking drugs, and he’s late, they’re not gonna put up with the tardiness that costs a boatload of money for somebody who isn’t a shining star any longer.”

Also, Hollywood studios may find it risky to get insurance for big-budget productions starring Johnny Depp, the producer further said:

“It’s too risky to put a guy like that into billion-dollar franchises now.”

The Pirates of the Caribbean star talks about his music career
The Pirates of the Caribbean star talks about his music career

Similarly, some people on social media opinionated toward Depp during the trial, but that is not an assurance that his box office appeal will return. Hollywood best knowns from Marlon Brando and Mel Gibson have celebrated a big box office success after controversies. A University of Southern California professor specializing in reputation management said:

“I think there are studios that will be willing to work with him at this point.”

“When somebody is a bit of a bad boy… when they’re accused of doing something that involves being volatile, people say, ‘Well, I’m not surprised – it doesn’t change who I think that person is.”

“I think Johnny Depp is gonna come back personally; it makes sense. That’s assuming that he wants to, right? He has a lot of choices.”

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How can we forget that this legend spent the days before the verdict playing rock concerts in England with his beloved guitarist Jeff Beck, potentially showing his interest are more than a screen comeback.

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