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Johnny Depp Joins Instagram With New Video

Instagram post of Johnny Depp is an eight-minute video. Thanking his fans for their support during his legal battles with ex-wife Amber Heard and addressing the new coronavirus.

What was Depp First Insta post all about?

Fans are Crazy over his Instagram Debut

Depp’s first post was a photo of himself with the caption, “Hello everyone, filming something for you now gimme a minute,” sitting by a candle-lit table. Depp starts, “I don’t assume I even have a cause to enter social media till now”. He said that momentarily is “the chance to initiate a dialogue”, continuing, “as the peril of this invisible enemy already causes endless damage and tragedies to people’s lives”. “They are striving for their life. Without much care, people are ill and ailing. People are dying at frighteningly huge rates. I associate for the time it feels like our both hands are fastened behind our backs, to some degree, but our souls are liberated, and our hearts are not chained,” Depp said.

His Take on Covid-19

His Take on Covid-19
We need to fight this Invisible Disease

“We must use this time. For producing the best usage of this term by staying close to the ones, we relish despite our terrible circumstances. We must not and cannot surrender to lock down and give in to what seems like hellish monotony of quarantine. We have to keep ourselves curious as this time in isolation can be used for great learning,” Depp said. “Make a thing today that will serve others and yourselves tomorrow. Do something you believe could be of worth for brightening someone’s day. Read, paint, draw, learn, think, play an instrument if you play, make a film on your phone,” the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean says. “There is never returning of tomorrow. Today ain’t coming back.”

Taking you towards the end of the post

 Taking you towards the end of the post
Doing A Bit of his part to make our Quarantine A little Fun

Towards the end of his video, Depp said that he’s been working on an album with Jeff Beck, and they released a cover of John Lennon’s Isolation. “Jeff Beck and I taped Isolation last year,” the actor stated, continuing: “Lennon’s portentous words are sheer poetry. This song is about fear, existential risks, and isolation to our world. So we aspired to present the song to you. We both truly believe in our little way that it helps you get through these times we are undergoing, even if it just aids you to spend the time”. “I would like to conclude by saying that thank you all of you for this benevolence. The faith, the support, and the strength you gave formerly”. Depp said. “I am touched beyond words”.

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