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Johnny Depp Lawyer Camille Vasquez Promises to ‘vigorously defend’ Yellowstone Actress Q’orianka Kilcher Accused of Insurance Fraud, Exploiting Disability Benefits


When Johnny Depp won the infamous defamation trial earlier this year, one name that was headlined everywhere for months was Camille Vasquez. Camille Vasquez is the lawyer who fought the case for the ex-Grindelwald actor. Now the fan-favorite lawyer is going to step in the ring once again for a famous star as she’s brought in to fight the case of Q’orianka Kilcher.

Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp's lawyer in the trial against Amber Heard
Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer in the trial against Amber Heard

The Yellowstone fame Q’orianka Kilcher is accused of wrongly handling the Worker’s Compensation Funds. According to reports, the 32-year actress exploited the funds and used them even while working on another project.

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Who is Q’orianka Kilcher?

Q’orianka Kilcher is an actress and activist working in Hollywood since she was 10. But she rose to prominence after her magnificent performance as Pocahontas in The New World starring talents such as Colin Farrell and Christian Bale.  

Actress Q'orianka Kilcher gets herself in legal trouble
Q’orianka Kilcher as Pocahontas in The New World

While the Terrence Malick directorial was blessed with Academy Award nominations, the actress was showered with numerous accolades like the National Board of Review’s best breakthrough performance of 2006. Following this, the actress played the lead role in Princess Kaiulani. 

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The actress then also worked on other commendable projects such as Dora and the Lost City of GoldThe Alienist, and Yellowstone. Although it seems that the star has a lot of experience in the industry, still she failed to make her career fully clean as now there are allegations of fraud and felonies against her.

The charges against Q’orianka Kilcher

Actress Q'orianka Kilcher gets embroiled in controversy
Q’orianka Kilcher is accused of felonies

According to the latest accusations, Q’orianka Kilcher is charged with felonies. If the reports are to be believed then the actress sustained an injury while filming Dora and the Lost City of Gold. As she claimed to be unable to work due to it, she received around $96,838 as a grant for her injuries. But the story seems to be completely opposite now as investigation shows, that the actress continued working on her Yellowstone series even after receiving the Compensation cash. 

Still, the charges are not yet being confirmed by the court. She’s reportedly going to appear in the Los Angeles court on Wednesday with Camille Vasquez and Steve Cook, the people who were behind the victory of Johnny Depp.

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Camille Vasquez all set to shield Yellowstone actress

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s case is one of the most hyped-up recent issues. The widely talked about Defamation trial is something that is fluent in everyone’s mouth by now. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that Camille Vasquez was its main pioneer. 

Camille vasquez breaks down in court
Camille Vasquez

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Camille Vasquez along with Steve Cook is all set to represent Q’orianka Kilcher as they strongly believe that their client is innocent. According to their statement to TMZ, they think the cause to be some flaw in the compensation system:

“We are determined to defend Ms. Kilcher in this important case which examines the inherent flaws in the disability compensation system. Ms. Kilcher is a well-respected and pioneering actress in Hollywood and we intend to clear her name.”

We don’t know for how much time this legal feud will go but it will look upon if the attorney duo can build up another successful camaraderie with the Yellowstone star.

The fifth season of Yellowstone is set to hit Paramount Network on November 13, 2022

Source: TMZ

Written by Subham Mandal

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