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Johnny Depp Made Best Friend Hunter S. Thompson Hijack Demi Moore’s Private Jet Due To His Fear of Stairs

Johnny Depp Made Best Friend Hunter S. Thompson Hijack Demi Moore's Private Jet Due To His Fear of Stairs

Johnny Depp had a fair share of adventures in his life but, it was his friend Hunter S. Thompson who got into some trouble while doing so. Thompson proved to be a massive writer and his friendship with Johnny Depp led him to do something that did not sit well with a lot of people, especially Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.

Hunter S. Thompson
Hunter S. Thompson

A meeting with Lou Reed, a jet, and a careless decision led to something that was not ideal at all for many people. It is truly a wonder as to what lengths people can go to so that they can avoid their fears, particularly the fear of stairs. This very fear inspired him to take Moore’s private jet and abandon it carelessly.

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Hunter S. Thompson Ditched Lou Reed To Have Dinner With Johnny Depp

Hunter S. Thompson’s fear of stairs, bathmophobia, was infamous because of just how many problems it created. Whether it was on the road or outside. Although many believed that the only reason it was even made public was that it gave Thompson a reason to stay indoors. During his book tour for Fear and Loathing in America, he gave his best even though he was heavily sick throughout the signing.

Hunter S. Thompson: the time we got invited to his wake | British GQ | British GQ
Hunter S. Thompson

He was to meet Lou Reed, an old and dear friend of his, in a nearby restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant was a nightmare for Thompson. The stairs were what massively held him back from visiting his friend. This was an even more surprising situation as Reed had already been waiting at the place, just across a flight of stairs. The writer completely chose to ditch his friend and instead decided to go and have dinner with his other friend, none other than Johnny Depp. However, it is safe to say that the dinner he had was on ground level, away from any stairs or inclinations.

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Hunter S. Thompson Went Away With Demi Moore’s Private Jet

Hunter S. Thompson chose to have dinner with Johnny Depp and Demi Moore instead of having it with Lou Reed, completely ditching his friend in the process. He had to go to Washington DC afterward and thanks to Depp, Moore agreed to lend her newly bought private jet to the writer so as to avoid the fearsome roads of the United States of America.

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Johnny Depp

Thompson took it as an invitation to leave immediately. He left Moore and Bruce Willis stranded, taking their plane that very night. When he reached his destination, he completely abandoned the plane as well as the pilot, giving them no further instructions as to what they were supposed to do. He did not even bother paying Willis and Moore back for the fuel that was used, the bill was no small one either. Furthermore, he broke contact with his longtime friend Lou Reed.

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