Johnny Depp Might Seize Amber Heard’s Luxurious California House if Aquaman Actress Fails To Pay $10M

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The Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial was one of the biggest news of the first half of the year. The two are still managing to make it to the headlines as the aftermath of the trial is just as interesting as the trial itself. After Johnny Depp won the defamation case, his ex-wife Amber Heard was asked by the Jury to pay him $10 million as damages. Ever since the actress and her lawyers have been talking about how she cannot afford to pay the actor such a huge sum.

Johnny Depp can seize Amber Heard's house in California
Johnny Depp can seize Amber Heard’s house in California

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Now there are reports that the actor might seize Amber Heard’s luxurious house.

Johnny Depp might seize Amber Heard’s luxurious house

According to a report in the New York Post, the actress has declared herself bankrupt. It means that she might have to sell her assets to pay the Pirates of the Caribbean. If the actress fails to do the same, the Secret Window star could levy her assets and might even seize her luxurious house in California’s Yucca Valley.

Amber Heard might lose her house
Amber Heard might lose her house

The lawyer, Jeremiah Denton said, “[Depp] can institute collection proceedings so he can garnish [Heard’s] pay if she has a salary or wage-type income. He can attach her assets which basically means seize them. He can get to her assets, sell them and take cash.” There’s also news that the actress is thinking of selling her Tesla Model X, the luxury Elon Musk had gifted her.

The actor has been celebrating his victory

Ever since the verdict came out, the news of Johnny Depp celebrating has been circulating around. The actor has also been working to restore his career in Hollywood and his fame back as it used to be before the op-ed by Amber Heard dragged his name to the dirt. Now that the actor has proved his innocence, he is making a comeback.

Fans react to Johnny Depp's new look
Fans react to Johnny Depp’s new look

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The actor was recently spotted in a new look for his movie titled Jeanne du Barry. Fans went crazy to see him at the airport with the new look. The actress however is going to have a hard time making a comeback anytime soon. Her image on social media has caused a huge dent in her reputation. People even want her off the project she was a part of even before losing the trial.


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