Johnny Depp Thanks This Hollywood Legend For Getting Him His First Film

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Johnny Depp has been in the talks ever since the defamation case between him and Amber Heard began the trial. Last Tuesday, the actor talked about his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean as Jack Sparrow. And also his history as an actor. The actor shared the story of him wanting to make it big in music till his ex-wife introduced him to Nicolas Cage. He thanked Nicolas Cage who persuaded him to pursue acting. He also thanked the Hollywood actor for his first film.


Nicolas Cage convinced Johnny Depp to act

Johnny Depp thanked Nicolas Cage for his career
Johnny Depp thanked Nicolas Cage for his career

Before Jonny Depp became an actor, he was a part of a band called The Kids. He wanted to make it big in music but was struggling. Nicolas Cage convinced him to try a hand at acting. Cage had already told this story once in a conversation with New York Times in 2019. But now Depp talking about it during the trial has gained the fans’ interest.

Nicolas Cage persuaded Johnny Depp to act
Nicolas Cage persuaded Johnny Depp to act

Johnny Depp met the Ghost Rider actor through his ex-wife Lori Allison, who was a makeup artist. They became friends through her and Nicolas encouraged Depp to meet his agent, Eileen Feldman. The actor was at first in denial, saying he cannot act. But Cage kept asking him to try it out once. He got his first role as Wes Craven in Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984 through him.


Johnny Depp shared the incident at his trial

Johnny Depp talked about how he started his acting career and thanked Nicolas Cage. He said, “I ended up (in) acting by accident. I was a musician and I moved out to LA with my band when I was 20 years old… There were a couple of things that happened where the band split up. I remember I was filling out a couple of job applications with a friend of mine… He happens to be an actor less known than he is now, Nicolas Cage.”

Johnny Depp talks about Nicolas Cage during trial
Johnny Depp talks about Nicolas Cage during his trial

He also added, “I was filling out applications at video stores, clothing stores just to be able to pay the rent… Nic Cage said why don’t you meet my agent… cause I think you’re an actor… You could be an actor… I said I’ll meet anybody. I’ll do anything at this point. I didn’t have any desire to be an actor. I was a musician but the fact that these people were going to pay me was what I found to be a ludicrous sum of money. It was kinda the SAG minimum, it was $1284 a week… I’d never seen that kind of dough (before) in my life.”

The trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is still ongoing.


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