“Joker wouldn’t last long in Marvel”: Even Heath Ledger Couldn’t Convince Marvel Fans the Joker Can Destroy the MCU

The fans don't think Joker stands a chance in Marvel.

"Joker wouldn't last long in Marvel": Even Heath Ledger Couldn't Convince Marvel Fans the Joker Can Destroy the MCU


  • Joker is one of the greatest villains in superhero media.
  • He is often portrayed as the archenemy of Batman in DC Comics.
  • His iconic representation in movies and TV shows has contributed to his popularity.
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Joker is one of the greatest villains ever created in superhero media. The Clown Prince of Crime who is often portrayed as the archenemy of Batman has a large contribution to the popularity of DC. Additionally, his iconic representation in the movies and shows by Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, Heath Ledger, and Joaquin Phoenix has also played an active role in his fame.

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All the versions of Joker yet
All the versions of Joker yet

The late Heath Ledger gifted us a memorable representation of the villain that will be known for decades. However, it doesn’t look like the fans of DC’s rival would agree to the point. According to the Marvel fans, Joker would not be able to survive in Marvel as long as he did in the DC.


If the fans are to be believed, then Batman’s archenemy would be having a hard time in the Marvel Universe. With superheroes like Punisher, Moon Knight, and many more dangerous names, his psychological tricks would not work much in the world of Captain America and Daredevil.

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What it would be like to have Joker in Marvel?

Heath Ledger as Joker in The Dark Knight
Heath Ledger as Joker in The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger gave a terrific performance as the sadistic psychopath in The Dark Knight and it had the fans convinced that he was the peak of supervillains. It can’t be denied that he topped every supervillain in any superhero universe. However, the Marvel fans have an entirely different perspective to it.

In the latest tweet, an ardent fan has claimed that the Joker wouldn’t last longer in Marvel than DC because the former is more cynical. According to @GunnerDobbins, Marvel boasts of a lot more superheroes who wouldn’t think twice before killing the Joker, unlike Batman who has a strict no-kill rule.


It must be noted that the MCU has largely inclined towards the safer side till now. However, the same can’t be said for Marvel Comics which boasts of characters like Moon Knight, Punisher, and  Wolverine who wouldn’t mind ending the Clown Prince of Crime once and for all. In a crossover comic event, Frank Castle aka Punisher even almost killed the Joker before Batman intervened.

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The fans don’t think Joker’s tricks would work in the Marvel

Punisher vs Joker in the comics
Punisher vs Joker in a crossover comics

It can be observed that, unlike other supervillains, Joker operates more on psychological space. He is someone who loves to watch the world burn. He isn’t afraid of death but wants to create chaos on Earth and see how the greatest superheroes lose their humanity. However, there aren’t many heroes on Marvel who have the NO-KILLING rule like Batman.

While Joker can pick Daredevil and Spider-Man as they abide by moral codes to a large extent still it would be difficult for him to survive for long. Many fans have also pointed out that not only the heroes but the villains might also be able to successfully hunt him. So it doesn’t look like many fans side with him in this ‘What If?’ situation. Take a look at some tweets collected by us:


There are uncountable fans who don’t think the Joker would stand any chance against the Marvel Universe. However, it will be still a matter of debate as the Clown Prince of Crime’s psychological tricks are unpredictable as well.

With the direction MCU’s heading right now, we might soon get to watch this feeling of dread in live-action as well. The upcoming Deadpool 3 and Echo series would also be set around a mature and bloody setup. It is rumored that we will also get many more R-rated and TV-MA projects in the MCU which will accurately depict how the heroes operate in the comics.


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