Jonathan Bailey Gets Ruthlessly Roasted By 93-Year-Old Grandmother For Gay S-x Scenes in Matt Bomer Series

Jonathan Bailey's grandma playfully teases him over intimate scenes in Matt Bomer's series: unfiltered commentary unleashed!

Jonathan Bailey Gets Ruthlessly Roasted By 93-Year-Old Grandmother For Gay S-x Scenes in Matt Bomer Series


  • Jonathan Bailey's 93-year-old grandmother playfully critiques his roles, adding a delightful and personal touch to his public image.
  • The familial commentary highlights the intersection of professional success and family dynamics, showcasing the actor's multifaceted life.
  • Fellow Travelers' deliberate depiction of explicit intimacy reflects a commitment to authenticity, offering an immersive experience in a repressive era.
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In an unexpected twist, Jonathan Bailey, renowned for his role in Bridgerton, faces an unusual critic, his 93-year-old grandmother. Unapologetically candid, the 35-year-old’s grandmother has chosen to roast her grandson fearlessly, specifically targeting his bold portrayal of gay intimate scenes in the Matt Bomer series, Fellow Travelers.

Jonathan Bailey in Bridgerton

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While the global audience awaits Bailey’s future career endeavors, this familial critique unveils a unique perspective on support.


Jonathan Bailey Faces Humorous Criticism From Grandmother For Intimate Scenes

Drew Barrymore on her show with Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey
Drew Barrymore on her show with Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey

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In a delightful twist, Jonathan Bailey, renowned for his roles in Crashing, becomes the subject of his 93-year-old grandmother’s playful critiques.

Currently co-starring with Matt Bomer in the sensual Showtime series Fellow Travelers, Bailey, A Bridgerton alum, reveals that his grandmother has experienced the racy regency drama and his new show.


During The Drew Barrymore Show, Bailey shared his grandmother’s candid comments, stating,

“She says, ‘You know, it’s not quite like how they used to make them,’ when it comes to Bridgerton.”

However, the real surprise unfolded with Bailey’s sister probing their grandmother about her reaction to the provocative scenes in Fellow Travelers. Bailey humorously quipped, “She just said, ‘I didn’t know he had it in him.”

This unexpected familial commentary adds a delightful and personal dimension to the actor’s public image. It illustrates the intriguing intersection of professional success and family dynamics.


Yet, as the narrative of Fellow Travelers unfolds, so does its intensity, particularly in the world of intimate encounters. It offers audiences a compelling journey that blends complexity with bursts of dramatic intrigue. 

As Fellow Travelers Approaches Its Conclusion, Intimate Scenes Intensify

Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey in Fellow Travelers
Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey in Fellow Travelers

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As the riveting narrative of Fellow Travelers approached its climax. Audiences were immersed in an escalating intensity of explicit and abundant intimate scenes.


The anticipation of sensual encounters in Showtime’s adaptation was inherent in the source material, Thomas Mallon’s 2007 novel, unfolding a same-s*x romance against the backdrop of 1950s Washington, D.C.

The TV adaptation, skillfully crafted by creator Ron Nyswaner, extends the storyline through the ’60s and ’70s and into the AIDS-ravaged ’80s. The final episode, now streaming on Showtime, continues to explore the character Hawkins Fuller’s perspective on s*x, as a source of joy and power in a repressive era.

Nyswaner acknowledges the intentional decision to portray the scenes explicitly, emphasizing the importance of immediacy and authenticity over a stylized approach. As per the Los Angeles Times, Nyswaner said,


“S*x is important to Hawkins Fuller. It gives him a great deal of pleasure, and part of his charm and power is that he can continue, in this very repressive time, to have s*x. He’s gonna protect that because that is his source of joy.”

Executive producer Daniel Minahan and cinematographer Simon Dennis played pivotal roles in shaping the series. It steers away from a vintage aesthetic to ensure a genuine and impactful experience.

This deliberate amplification of intimate moments underscores the show’s dedication to providing its viewers with an enthralling and immersive journey.


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