Jonathan Majors Can’t Take It Anymore, Trial Humiliation Makes 6ft Giant Cry

Jonathan Majors cannot take it anymore, breaks down in silent tears during the closing statements of his trial in court.

Jonathan Majors Can't Take It Anymore, Trial Humiliation Makes 6ft Giant Cry


  • Jonathan Majors domestic abuse trial has ended, with judgement expected soon.
  • The Marvel star allegedly broke in silent tears as the closing statements were being delivered.
  • Apart from the trial, Rolling Stone reported a separate abuse investigation is ongoing in London.
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Jonathan Majors was on track to what was supposed to be the greatest year of his career after having his breakout in 2019. But everything came crashing down the moment he was arrested back in March 2023. As his domestic abuse trial comes to an end, the judgment can be delivered any day now. And if convicted the actor faces a year in prison.

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While the closing statements were being delivered, Majors was said to be silently crying feeling humiliated and exhausted from the alleged claims made by his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. Even the actor’s defense broke down while vouching for Majors’ innocence.


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Jonathan Majors Breaks Down In Tears As Trial Comes To An End

majors going to court (screengrab from cbs new york's youtube)
Majors going to court (screengrab from CBS New York’s YouTube)

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The 6ft hunk Jonathan Majors was said to not be able to take it anymore after the humiliation the alleged domestic abuse claims and the subsequent trial has caused him. With judgment expected anytime soon, Majors, his girlfriend Meagan Good, and defense attorney Priya Chaudhry were all seen breaking down in tears while delivering the closing statements of the long-due trial (via Rolling Stone).

The 34-year-old actor’s attorney maintained that he was innocent, reportedly painting his ex-girlfriend as the alleged perpetrator of violence on the day of the incident back in March this year. While the court allowed for the release of the evidence material, including several videos, messages, and voice recordings, Assistant District Attorney Kelli Galaway maintained that ‘nothing that you heard is evidence‘.


While the assistant DA allegedly accused the actor’s defense of using the Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim, and Offender tactic, Chaudhry maintained that the trial proved Majors’ fear of how ‘dangerous it is for a Black man to call the police in America‘ and urged everyone to end this nightmare for her client as Majors’ silently wept.

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As The New York Trial Comes To An End, London Investigation Against Majors Is Still Ongoing

Jonathan Majors
Actor Jonathan Majors appears on assault and harassment charges in New York State Supreme Court.

As per the Rolling Stone report, it was confirmed that an investigation (detailed in this Rolling Stone article) is still ongoing back in London after Jonathan Majors’ ex-Grace Jabbari suffered injuries during a September 2022 altercation that took place between them in the city. The New York prosecutors were also said to have obtained a report regarding the incident.

Furthermore, during the New York domestic abuse trial, the text messages between the two were disclosed to the court relating to the September 2022 incident. The text messages allegedly appear to have been about Majors trying to stop Jabbari from seeking medical attention after suffering a head injury (via Variety).


Slated to star in MCU’s Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, only time will tell how Majors’s career will unfold after the trial. Regardless of the verdict, he would still have to navigate the harsh sea of public perception and opinion, a major hazard to his professional and personal journey.


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