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“He’s a Dog about it”: Jonathan Majors Claims Creed 3 Co-Star Michael B. Jordan is His Gym Rival Outside the Ring

“He’s a Dog about it”: Jonathan Majors Claims Creed 3 Co-Star Michael B. Jordan is His Gym Rival Outside the Ring

Creed 3 star, Jonathan Majors is competitive towards his co-star Michael B. Jordan inside and outside the ring. Portraying Damian ‘Dame’ Anderson in the third installment of the franchise, Majors shines alongside Jordan at the movie’s premiere.

Creed 3 Michael B Jordan Jonathan Majors
Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors in ‘Creed 3’

As the highly anticipated Creed 3 rolls out in theaters, fans will witness a fresh take on the beloved franchise, helmed by the lead star himself, Michael B. Jordan. It is the first installment in the Rocky franchise where Sylvester Stallone won’t appear, although the Rocky Balboa star remains part of the entire production.

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Jonathan Majors And Michael B. Jordan’s Rivalry Gets More Intense At The Gym

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Jonathan Majors reveals that he and Michael B. Jordan strive to be the best while training at the gym.

He’s a dog about it, you know what I mean? He drives to be the best, I have the drive to be the best, and contrary to popular belief, those things can run parallel. That’s how you get a movie like Creed 3.”

The rigorous workout that Majors went through has astounded fans as he follows a strict gym schedule and diet routine. It was not just physical fitness Majors worked on but also his mental state as he steps into the ring. The actor reveals to ESPN that when he first met Jordan, his co-star told him they should look and feel like gladiators.

At the time, I was 32 years old. And though I’m in shape, I was… not a gladiator. To get myself in that mindset and into that type of conditioning was gonna be difficult.”

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Creed 3 Michael Jordan
Michael B. Jordan

Jordan was quite enthusiastic about exploring what Majors could bring to the table. Like in the movie, they also had to work together at the gym.

No disrespect to any of the actors I’ve worked with in the past, but it was the first time I had somebody willing to work just as much, if not more than me, in the gym.”

When asked if there was any rivalry between them, Jordan hinted that there is “a subtle one.”

I gotta pass on this one because I was directing. He had time to work out a lot more than I did – that’s my disclaimer! We give each other s*** about that all the time.”

Both Majors and Jordan’s dedication, whether inside the ring or at the gym, is manifested in early reviews and reactions of fans and critics towards the movie. From the inspiration behind the story to the complexity of the characters, every scene is breathtakingly impressive and truly immersive.

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Majors And Jordan Had To Build Intimacy Before Putting Up Walls

Jonathan Majors
Jonathan Majors

There is no denying that Jonathan Majors and Michael B. Jordan’s chemistry on-screen is fueled by their characters’ desire to achieve greatness. From childhood best friends turned ring rivals, the actors had to work so much on building intimacy and tension.

Majors shared with Digital Spy that he and Jordan worked a lot on that aspect of their relationship:

With the story that we’re telling the fact that these men are so intimately connected from boyhood, there’s no line… But we also did a lot of work to try to, you know, dig it out, and make it dramatic. Life with no boring parts, right?

Whether the rivalry between Jonathan Majors and Michael B. Jordan happens inside the ring or outside of it, the lead stars of Creed 3, are here to prove that they won’t go down without putting up a fight.

Creed 3 is now showing in theaters worldwide.

Source: THR, ESPN, Digital Spy

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