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Jonathan Majors’ Kang Derailed Marvel’s Plan To Cast Robert Downey Jr’s Doctor Doom in Secret Wars? Marvel Reportedly Had Other Plans

Jonathan Majors' Kang Derailed Marvel's Plan To Cast Robert Downey Jr's Doctor Doom in Secret Wars? Marvel Reportedly Had Other Plans

Jonathan Majors’ Kang is facing a lot of backlash after the actor was accused of assault. Things looked rather grim for the actor because now public opinion will determine his position in any movie or his career alone. The actor’s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe made it possible for him to grow within the franchise rapidly.

Jonathan majors
Hollywood star Jonathan Majors

What the franchise will do after these allegations have surfaced is still a process yet to be confirmed. However, it is obvious that not the entire audience would be fond of seeing the actor reprise his role as Kang the Conqueror. The interesting fact of the matter is that there was no initial plan of making Majors’ character the prime focus of the entire upcoming phase.

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Jonathan Majors Was Not Supposed To Be The Main Antagonist

Jonathan Majors was allegedly never supposed to be the prime focus of the 6th phase. However, the MCU could not ignore the fact that Kang got a response they had never anticipated with Loki. The level of acting that the Creed III actor portrayed was one that immediately made everyone want to see more of him, including those within the franchise. Furthermore, Joanna Robinson revealed that the franchise’s entire course of action changed because of Majors.

Jonathan Majors as Kang
Jonathan Majors as Kang. Source Marvel Studios

“I don’t think you or I are very interested in saying what Marvel should or shouldn’t do going forward, but we know this is a huge problem for them that they are facing and grappling with right now. And what’s unprecedented in this for Marvel is, I would argue they have never hung so much of a franchise on one actor, as they tried to hang it on Jonathan Majors after his Loki performance and his Ant-Man: Quantumania performance.”

His performance had such a big impact on the audience that it became undeniable as to why Marvel wouldn’t go for him as the main villain of the 6th phase. Plans were changed and stories were altered to make Majors shine as Kang.

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Could Jonathan Majors Be Responsible For Robert Downey Jr.’s Botched Return?

It is still unsure as to whether or not Jonathan Majors would be replaced as Kang in the MCU. However, his performance as the character and the intensity of the role made things even worse for the franchise.

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr.

“And that has put them in the bind. We do not know what they are going to do. I’ve hear conflicting stories about they are going to replace him, they’re not even considering replacing him etc etc. But it’s just one more thing.”

It has been reported that the actor is responsible for the direction in which Marvel chose to take its story because of how much potential his character has. This even meant that a lot of initially planned courses were later changed. This could possibly also include Robert Downey Jr.’s anticipated return to the franchise. The actor was said to be returning in Avengers: Secret Wars as Doctor Doom. Unfortunately, that might not be something the fans get to witness anytime soon.

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Source: The Big Picture

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