Jonathan Majors’ Kang To Be the Villain in Moon Knight Season 2, Fight Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector in a Grand Showdown? Ant-Man 3 Kang Variant Reportedly Plays Key Role in Upcoming Project

Jonathan Majors' Kang To Be the Villain in Moon Knight Season 2, Fight Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector in a Grand Showdown? Ant-Man 3 Kang Variant Reportedly Plays Key Role in Upcoming Project
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With the MCU busy crafting its ambitious Multiverse Saga and its next prominent threat to the Avengers, it appears that Jonathan Majors’ Kang might not just be limited to the big screens. Considering that the actor made his first appearance in the MCU through Loki season 1, the idea of Majors appearing in upcoming MCU shows doesn’t seem unlikely.


And following the new rumor surrounding Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight season 2, whose first season garnered immense appreciation from fans, it seems that we might get to witness a major variant of Kang in the upcoming series.

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Jonathan Majors' Kang
Jonathan Majors’ Kang

Moon Knight season 2 reportedly involves Jonathan Majors’ Kang

Marvel hasn’t officially confirmed any news regarding the second season of MCU’s Moon Knight. Following the success of the first season, it might be a while before Marvel provides an update regarding its second season, and it appears that they might be planning something big for the character.

In a recent podcast of Cosmic Circle, Ayla Ruby revealed that her co-worker, who is an industry insider, claimed that MCU is considering Jonathan Majors’ Kang variant, Rama-Tut, as the villain for Moon Knight 2. Even though the rumor of Rama-Tut, a variant of Kang who goes back to Ancient Egypt to rule over its inhabitants, does appear a little far-fetched. But considering Moon Knight’s Egyptian connection, it seems pretty reasonable.

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Moon Knight
Moon Knight

Moon Knight Showrunner expressed that they considered referencing Kang in the first season

It wasn’t the only time when Jonathan Majors’ Kang was brought up in discussion for Moon Knight. As Moon Knight’s showrunner Jeremy Slater revealed, they considered implementing the reference of Rama-Tut in the show but weren’t sure if it made it into the final product. He said,

“There was a line in the script, and I don’t know if it survived. I can’t remember. But there was a line where, I think Steven, is sort of rattling off some Egyptian history that he has locked away in his brain, and he did mention Rama-Tut. I don’t remember if that scene, if that line is still in the show or not. But it was that small, it was him mentioning a list of famous pharaohs or something like that.”

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Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Although the show ended up having a small easter egg for the character, it’s reasonable to assume that MCU is interested in colliding the paths of Moon Knight and Kang in the future. But considering that there hasn’t been any news regarding the second season, the possibility of the above rumor remains under speculation.


Moon Knight season 1 is available to stream on Disney Plus.

Source: Cosmic Circle Podcast


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