Josh Brolin Confirms He Liked being Cable More Than Thanos

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Deadpool’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, now that the Disney-Fox merger has changed the entire game for all future Fox Studios projects, looks uncertain. Nobody knows when the next Deadpool movie is going to happen. The last installment – Deadpool 2, introduced many new elements to the R-Rated Franchise. One of the new additions was Josh Brolin’s Cable. Brolin is on somewhat of a roll this time of the year. He has starred in multiple high value superhero projects from different universes. Brolin is also known to play Thanos the Mad Titan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans have asked Brolin which comic book character he liked to play of the two. His answer has left many fans stunned!\


This piece of news was brought to us by none other than Rob Liefeld, Deadpool’s creator Liefeld said in an interview that Brolin was actually looking forward to playing the time traveling mutant mercenary on the big screens again. Marvel has remained tight-lipped regarding the future of Deadpool for now. After the Disney-Fox merger, any news regarding Deadpool 3 is scarce. Even Ryan Reynolds is clueless right now. But in the middle of all this chaos, Rob Liefeld claims that Marvel Studios is sitting on a literal gold mine with Deadpool. Not just the fans but even the actors are enthusiastic and interested to come back too.


Rob Liefeld was recently in contact with Josh Brolin and his team of representatives regarding a future Deadpool project. Rumors are rife that if another Deadpool movie does happen, then it will focus on the X-Force. The X-Force’s de facto leader in the comic books has almost always been Cable.

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According to Rob Liefeld, Brolin is super-excited to get back into Cable’s shoes.

“You guys just don’t understand, I was with Josh about four weeks before Deadpool two opened. We were down in at Manhattan beach and we were having breakfast,” said Rob Liefeld. “Then he’s like, ‘Hey, can you take me to the gym?’ Because he was telling me how he’s much bigger he’s gonna get for two. His shoulders were gonna get broader. And I met his trainer and I’m like, ‘Oh, you can’t wait until we revisit Cable.’ And he had talked about the talks that he had with Fox and building out the character, and he was excited what to do with him as a character.”


Liefeld went on record to say that Josh Brolin has him-self confirmed that he would rather play Cable again that Thanos. And the reasons he gives for Brolin’s choice seem fair enough. Sure Thanos was the one that led to Brolin becoming a popular figure but it was only after playing Cable that Josh Brolin started getting calls from different agencies and studios inquiring whether he would like to star in their projects. It was Cable that opened up doors for him in Hollywood. Thanos would always be a treasured part of his career but it will always be Cable who will have a special place in his heart.


With Deadpool 3 in the pipeline, it is very nice to see Brolin taking such a stance. We would not deny his statements. Thanos was a huge turning point for Brolin. There is no doubt about that though we believe that Brolin was more him-self when he portrayed Cable rather than the Mad Titan.

Liefeld claims Josh Brolin is “itching” to play Cable again once more in Deadpool 3. While these are not Josh’s direct words, we have to take it as they come.


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