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Josh Hartnett Did Not Have The Best Time Working With Harrison Ford, Allegedly Called Him “Old Fart” After Many Awkward Moments

Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford

Josh Hartnett is known for many remarkable movies. The Black Hawk Down actor has shared the screen with many actors, he hasn’t had the best experience with all of them. When shooting for Hollywood Homicide, Josh Hartnett had a very hard time behind the scenes with the Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford.

Josh Hartnett starred along side Ford in Hollywood Homicide
Josh Hartnett starred alongside Ford in Hollywood Homicide

While the movie, Hollywood Homicide failed miserably, the result was that Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford developed a rivalry that unfortunately left traces on their on-screen chemistry.

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Josh Hartnett Had A Tough Time Shooting With Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford and Josh Harnett in Hollywood Homicide
Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett in Hollywood Homicide

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The 2003 Hollywood Homicide showed the story of two detectives trying to solve a murder mystery. While hardly anyone remembers the movie, the movie is best known for behind the scene feud between the stars of the movie. Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford were so disgusted that they would even refuse to look each other in the eyes. While there is no documentation of what went behind the scenes, Hartnett confirmed the rumors surrounding their rocky relationship.

In the movie, the two actor’s characters were supposed to not get along from the get-go. Despite the on-screen clashes, their rocky relationship made it tougher to present some sort of chemistry between the two characters. Even viewers noticed how ill-suited the two looked in terms of chemistry. Josh Hartnett once remarked,

“There were times we would end up just sitting in the car when we were supposed to be doing a scene and neither of us would say anything for like an hour.”

Their disgust with each other often resulted in Hartnett calling the veteran actor an “old fart”, while Ford would refer to him as “punk”. However, Hartnett later confirmed they might not have had the best start but by the end of filming, their relationship improved, with the duo even presenting an award together at the MTV Movie Awards of 2003.


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Harrison Ford’s Grumpy Reputation

Harrison Ford has a long history of feuds with his co-stars
Harrison Ford has a long history of feuds with his co-stars

Harrison Ford has had a very long history of coming off as grumpy and rude. His feud with Josh Hartnett was one among many he has had in his long career. Back in 1981, he was involved in a feud with director Ridley Scott, who later referred to him as the most ‘Pain in the ar**’ actor he has ever collaborated with.

With the experience he has had, it is natural Harrison might feel more experienced and might even command respect from his junior actors, but being grumpy only makes things worse. Looks like Harrison Ford still has a lot to learn despite being who he is.

You can stream Hollywood Homicide on Netflix.

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