JSA Spin-Off Dependent On Black Adam’s Reception

It has been only months since the announcement of the DCEU’s Black Adam starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Following that, Warner Bros may have plans for a JSA spin-off for Black Adams. Executives at Warner Bros are evaluating the possibilities of the Justice Society of America have their feature film. 

Who is the Justice Society of America?

Who is the Justice Society of America?
The assemblage of all superheroes of the JSA

Justice Society of America (JSA) represented the Golden Age of Superheroes, at a time when comics popularity touched the skies. Although being the first superhero team ever to form in comics history, they are not famous enough for their twisted past. 

However, JSA sparked attention when they made their debut in the second episode of Legends of Tomorrow. This is JSA’s first-ever appearance in the series after they were believed to have lost in history. 

The debut of JSA in the big picture

The debut of the JSA in the big picture.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Black Adam (Fan Edit)

To introduce JSA in the Dwayne Johnson starrer, Black Adam is thoughtful and legitimate as well. As a disclaimer, Black Adam is the arch-enemy of the Justice Society of America. Much of this resulted because of a long-term feud between the JSA and Black Adam for his betrayal. 

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All this information aside, the JSA is expected to make its debut silver screen appearance in Black Adam and is confirmed to feature the debut silver screen appearance of the classic team. There is just one notable exception here.

The JSA feature film will not materialize, let alone a release if Black Adam does not garner positive reviews. The reason being that Warner Bros has not roped a crew for the film’s production. And promising a feature film this early seems way too ambitious. Another difficulty is keeping up with the audience that never knew a JSA before. So, creating a story accordingly is too much of a risk at this stage.

Fortunately, Black Adam hits the screens in December 2021, which gives us ample time to decide anything fruitful.

The expected members of JSA in Black Adam

The expected members of the JSA in Black Adam
Green Lantern and Hawkgirl from the animated series of Justice League.

Justice Society of America has a roster of characters like Atom Smasher, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Black Adams. These are the main characters who will feature in Black Adam. Other classic DC characters alike with the team that includes The Spectre, Green Lantern (Alan Scott), The Flash (Jay Garrick), and The Sandman.  The list does not stop there as JSA comprises a whole team of superheroes. It’s thrilling to think about what the DCEU lineup could look like.

With the expectations lingering about JSA’s long overdue entrance to the silver screen, Black Adam could hopefully turn things around in DCEU’s tide. 

However, It is scheduled to arrive on December 22, 2021, in theaters.

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