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Spider-Man: No Way Home Director Compares Movie to New Star Wars Project

The debut of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+ has lately intrigued the entire Star Wars fanbase. It isn’t, nonetheless, the only initiative getting media attention. One of the other recent revelations was Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, a brand-new show set in The Mandalorian timeframe. Here’s what Jude Law has to say about the forthcoming series:

Announcing the new Star Wars show, Skeleton Crew:

Star Wars upcoming show Skeleton Crew.
Star Wars upcoming show, Skeleton Crew.

Skeleton Crew, a new Star Wars program starring Jude Law, will premiere in 2023. This revelation was disclosed during the Star Wars Celebration, where director Jon Watts of Spider-Man: No Way Home was there to discuss the project, which is now in pre-production. It’s about a bunch of youngsters around the age of ten, however, according to Watts, “it’s not a kids show”. The Mandalorian and Skeleton Crew are set in the same stretch of the Star Wars universe, and Dave Filoni says the projects will interact with each other in strange ways.  What this implies in practice remains to be seen, but the viewers can surely expect crossovers.

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What creator Jon Watts said about the show:

Hollywood director Jon Watts to direct Star wars new show.
Hollywood director, Jon Watts.

Although there is very little information regarding this project, Jon Watts, the creator of Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, has cast some better light on it. In an Instagram post,  Kristian Harloff, the creator of Movie Trivia Schmoedown and a renowned YouTuber, recalled an informal chat he had with Watts. As per Harloff, Watts stated that the upcoming Disney+ series will be inspired by the Clone Wars. “Ran into Jon Watts last night. Really nice guy. Super excited about his new Star Wars show Skeleton Crew. Spoke to him briefly about it and he said it has a real clone wars feel to it. After seeing what he did with Spider-Man No Way Home, you know this one will be one to watch”.

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Is Clone Wars inspiring the Star Wars universe?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

It’s difficult to try and make sense of this Jon Watts’s remark considering he may be referencing a variety of things. The Clone Wars has a lot of different factors that make it the way it is. Maybe each episode might transport the actors to a different planet or place, where they engage with a cast of intriguing and diverse personalities. Watts could also be implying that the production will have an identical target demographic and tone. Despite the fact that The Clone Wars dealt with serious topics and included some terrifying violence, it was primarily aimed at children. So it’s also possible that this is the situation with Skeleton Crew.

Whatever the meaning of his statement is, it’s evident that The Clone Wars will have a significant impact on the remainder of the series in the future. Surely, the aesthetic and characters of the animated Star Wars series will be at the core of Lucasfilm’s decision-making for years to come.


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