Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 242 Perfectly Sets Up Kenjaku’s Death at the Hands of an Underdog

Kenjaku, one of the most powerful characters in Jujutsu Kaisen might be defeated by the most underrated character of the series.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 242 Perfectly Sets Up Kenjaku's Death at the Hands of an Underdog


  • Takaba is ready to meet Kenjaku once more, this time with an unwavering desire to make everyone laugh.
  • Takaba turns a concept or a thought that he knows would be humorous into a reality.
  • Takaba and Kenjaku's fight may be ended in Chapter 242. Takaba should hold his own extremely well, impressing and probably even defeating Kenjaku.

Fans are eagerly expecting the release of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 242, the newest part of Gege Akutami’s fascinating Japanese manga series. Takaba, who regains his confidence and tries to entertain everyone, including his opponent Kenjaku, will be the center of this episode. Takaba is ready to face Kenjaku once more with his undying drive to make everyone laugh. Takaba is currently preparing for a round two fight, which could lead to a final battle between the two. The previous chapter provided fans with a proper Takaba flashback.


Takaba and Kenjaku’s combat in the next chapter could end in one of two ways: Takaba reaching his full potential before dying, or Takaba going full throttle and killing Kenjaku. However, as the chapter is set up, fans believe that chapter 242 might showcase the end of Kenjaku at the hands of Takaba.

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Takaba and his Abilities

Fumihiko Takaba is a failed comedian who was transformed into a sorcerer by Kenjaku to compete in the Culling Game. Takaba is an unsuspectingly strong person, and his zero score in the Culling Game does not reflect his true strength. People misjudge Takaba due to his silly demeanor. Takaba may not appear to be a fighter, but he is a master of close-quarters combat. When Takaba has an idea or a thought that he knows will be amusing, it becomes a reality. It’s a technique with the ability to defeat even Satoru Gojo, but Takaba is completely unaware of his might.

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Till now Takaba has been able to withstand Kenjaku on his own. Although, initially it seemed like he might lose against him he has regained his confidence to the point where it feels that he might be able to defeat Kenjaku himself.

Kenjaku vs Takaba Recap

Kenjaku vs Takaba began in chapter 239, when Kenjaku defeated Hazenoki. Kenjaku had little interest in Takaba and attacked him with his powers, believing that it would be enough to beat him in combat; nevertheless, Takaba was fine, much to his astonishment. Takaba was shown unaffected by Kenjaku’s strike by the end of JJK 239. Even Kenjaku was perplexed as to what was going on. The fight between the two was also featured in Chapter 240. Takaba took control of the fight throughout the first half of the chapter, while Kenjaku tried to figure out his style. Kenjaku, on the other hand, quickly grasped Takaba’s strategy and easily overpowered him.

Kenjaku vs. Takaba
Kenjaku vs. Takaba

The following chapter depicts Takaba in his early days and explains why he aspired to become a comedian. This flashback helped him regain his confidence and come back stronger than before. Takaba concludes Chapter 241 by saying that he will make Kenjaku laugh until his stomach hurts, at which point he will be pronounced the winner of the fight.


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The outcome of the battle Between Kenjaku and Takaba

Takaba and Kenjaku’s battle may come to an end in Chapter 242. Fans should expect Takaba to hold his own extremely well, impressing and possibly even defeating Kenjaku. Takaba may be able to defeat Kenjaku if he uses his full potential here and effectively corners him. Takaba’s cursed technique makes him one of the few persons who could reasonably deal with someone like Kenjaku. Takaba’s cursed technique, Comedian, allows him to make anything happen as long as he thinks it’s amusing, therefore if he’s matched against Kenjaku, this is quite likely where Kenjaku will be eliminated.

Takaba vs Kenjaku
Takaba vs Kenjaku

Takaba has been greatly underestimated from the start. Although he had great potential, many people even his opponent Kenjaku did not believe in his strength. Therefore, it might be possible that he is the one that defeats Kenjaku.

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