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$90M Rich Actress and Vocal Amber Heard Supporter Julia Fox Calls Johnny Depp’s Win in Defamation Trial ‘One of the biggest tragedies of our lifetime’

$90M Rich Actress and Vocal Amber Heard Supporter Julia Fox Calls Johnny Depp's Win in Defamation Trial 'One of the biggest tragedies of our lifetime'

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard dispute was nasty, unneeded for the public eye, and, above all, a proxy war between two public individuals attempting to ruin the other’s reputation while barely preserving their own. The case had an unhappy and abusive relationship that was spinning out of control until Amber Heard wrote a seemingly accusing statement in an op-ed that resulted in Johnny Depp losing almost everything.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard appeals the June 1 defamation trial verdict

The four years that followed were a roller coaster of embarrassing public trials and exploding online tempers. Julia Fox appears to have joined in on the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial, and her comments have been widely panned online.

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Julia Fox’s comment on the defamation trial

In a Twitter statement expressing her support for Amber Heard, the actress and model called Johnny Depp’s victory in the Defamation Trial ‘One of the biggest tragedies of our lifetime’.

Julia Fox’s current remarks appear to be not her first in favor of Heard. Back in May 2022, Julia Fox defended Amber Heard in a controversial Instagram post concerning domestic abuse. The actress wrote on Instagram:

“She never had the power in the relationship to be abusive to him. Did she hit him? Yes. Was it abuse? No. You need to have the power to be able to abuse it. She was 25. He was always way more powerful including physically and financially.”

Julia Fox supports Amber Heard on Instagram
Julia Fox supports Amber Heard on Twitter

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Following Julia’s response, many users captured the message, and it quickly went viral on Twitter. Fox’s remark sparked a heated argument among divided fan bases, who have been attempting to vouch for either Depp or Heard’s “innocence”.

People’s Reaction over this controversial statement

A lot of people indeed criticized her for the controversial tweet in favor of Amber Heard. However, not everyone was critical of Julia Fox’s purported take.

Johnny Depp won the defamation case after a jury ruled that Heard defamed him in her 2018 Washington Post op-ed alleging domestic abuse, while not addressing him. Depp has been awarded $10.35 million in damages, while Heard was awarded with $2 million for one of her three defamation countersuit charges. (Both have filed appeals against their convictions).

Johnny Depp defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard continues, in Fairfax, Virginia
Johnny Depp listens in the courtroom during a defamation trial

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Following the latest Virginia verdict, Depp declared in a statement that the jury “gave me my life back” and that the “best is yet to come” for him. Meanwhile, Heard described the incident as a “setback” for women who speak up.

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