Jurassic World Clip Went Viral After Background Actor Did the Most Hilarious Thing in Chris Pratt’s $1.67B Movie

Jurassic World Clip Went Viral After Background Actor Did the Most Hilarious Thing in Chris Pratt’s $1.67B Movie
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Jurassic Park’s infamous spin-off franchise, Jurassic World may not have gotten the same amount of crowd that its parent film did, but the first movie was a good success. Although the movie’s sequel films only got worse, the first one accumulated a big enough audience and a rather impressive box office turnout as well.

A still from Jurassic World
A still from Jurassic World

There were certain scenes many people liked in the film. However, one scene in particular stood out more than others. Ironically enough, it did not even include Chris Pratt in it or even anyone in the main cast. There are often moments when background actors steal the show. This just so happened to be a case like that.

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Chris Pratt’s Movie Had The Most Iconic Background Actor

Chris Pratt’s Jurassic World had a great range of scenes that offered a look into the ferocious world of dinosaurs. One scene in the movie has the civilians all running around trying to save their lives are the dinosaurs go feral all over their surroundings. An extra in the scene can also be seen running for his life. However, one unique thing that he did won the hearts of every single fan all over the world.

Jurassic World summer blockbusters
Chris Pratt in Jurassic World

One background actor had different priorities. He grabbed to margaritas in his hands and began running for his life. As pterodactyls tried to hunt the humans, he wanted to sip his margaritas. This clip, although easily missable, was spotted by a great number of fans and they loved it. The clip quickly went viral and so did the extra in the video. The entire sequence became iconic despite its being mere seconds. The movie may not have been as famous but the clip certainly was. It took the world by storm and suddenly the two margaritas and the dinosaurs were known worldwide.

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The Cosplay of Margarita Man From Jurassic World

Surprisingly enough, the man with the two margaritas became absurdly famous. While many choose to cosplay iconic and famous characters, for some time, Margarita Man was also one of them. He became a common cosplay idea as everyone wanted to enact the sequence with the two margaritas fighting for their lives just as the people were.

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A still from the film

A clip that was merely two seconds became such a fad that almost everyone knew about it. There are often moments when background actors add some or the other gimmick of their own to make perhaps the most iconic moments of movies. However, none stood out the way Jurassic World did.

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