“Just give the anime to MAPPA”: My Hero Academia Character Visual has Fans Being Hopeful as Season 7 Approaches

Dissatisfaction with Studio Bones' animation leads fans to ask Mappa to take over the animation of My Hero Academia.

"Just give the anime to MAPPA": My Hero Academia Character Visual has Fans Being Hopeful as Season 7 Approaches


  • My Hero Academia's seventh season has been announced and is scheduled for May 2024.
  • Studio Bones's animation quality has been very negligent in the past few years and has contrived to dissatisfy the loyal fans of the series.
  • Fans are rejoicing to see their favorite characters return but are dispirited with Studio Bones and wish that Mappa could take over the animation.
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My Hero Academia disclosed that season 7 will be coming in 2024; the release date for the awaited series has been confirmed. The latest installment of the franchise will begin airing on May 4, 2024, and fans will be able to glimpse the impending battle between heroes and wrongdoers again.

my hero academia season 7
My Hero Academia season 7

However, some parts of the audience are disgruntled with Studio Bones and wish that acclaimed studio Mappa would take over, which would enhance the overall quality by a lot, and shared their opinion on social media platform X.

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Fans want Mappa to take over My Hero Academia 

My Hero Academia concentrates on the voyage of Midoriya, who aspires to become the world’s most prominent hero; unfortunately, he is not bestowed with any kind of power, so the chances of him succeeding are very low.

However, everything alters when he meets All Might and gets taken under his wing and that leads to him commencing his journey to the top.

Often proclaimed as one of the best new-gen anime series, My Hero Academia has a huge fanbase bestrewn around the planet. The teaser for the upcoming season was released on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter and fans are already going crazy for it.


One typical thought among fans is for their series to get an anime adaptation by a better studio, as Bones has not been able to supply good animation for a while. They took it to X to share an opinion like this.


Fans have been very vocal regarding their dissatisfaction with the animation quality of Studio Bones for the past few years; however, with the comprehensive schedule Mappa has, the chances of My Hero Academia getting picked by them are very low.


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More on My Hero Academia

The forthcoming season would reignite the battles between hero society and Shigaraki, who has predetermined to wipe everything out but is facing constant resiliency from Deku and his classmates.

We would also see the foreword of the most potent hero in America, Stars and Stripes, who is going to fight a ferocious battle against Shigaraki to defeat wickedness.


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My Hero Academia season 7
My Hero Academia season 7

The animation grade of the series has been in constant decline and with the upcoming arcs being very climacteric to the storyline, Studio Bones need to go all out to clear their image and build their reputation once again.

The manga counterpart is still ongoing and is expected to end within a year or two but the anime still has a major portion to cover, so fans will get to enjoy the adventures of Class 1-A for many more years.


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