“Just how did he escape?”: Not Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball Artist Already Knows What Story He Wants to See Adapted Next

Toyotarou Wants Someone to Adapt the Story of Tules from Dragon Ball.

"Just how did he escape?": Not Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball Artist Already Knows What Story He Wants to See Adapted Next


  • At the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2024, artist Toyotaru from Dragon Ball had a special exhibition.
  • He attempted to depict a few of the series' lesser-known characters in that panel and included some background information on them.
  • Turles, the Goku-like villain, was perhaps the most intriguing of those characters.
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The Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2024 event which was recently held featured a lot of news and information about the new and upcoming Dragon Ball series and games. Not only that the series held a specific panel that featured more information about the most anticipated Dragon Ball series of 2024, Dragon Ball Daima.


A panel which featured the celebration of 100 chapters of Dragon Ball Super, was also shown where Toyotarou, who draws Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Super manga drew a new illustration for Goku’s Ultra Instinct form. Along with that, he also tried to draw some forgotten characters from the series and gave some information about them.

Among those characters, the most interesting one was probably Turles, the villain lookalike of Goku who was part of Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might and was a recurring antagonist in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Toyotarou drew the character and stated his desire to see Turles get adapted next which would focus more on his story.


Toyotarou Wants Turles To Be Adapted Again

Dragon Ball artist Toyotaru had a special exhibition along with the celebration of 100 chapters of Dragon Ball Super called “Toyotarou Tried to Draw,” which features his monthly art. The art featured Turles and below the drawing, Toyotarou wrote, “Just how did he escape the destruction of Planet Vegeta…? I hope someone makes a story about that one day.” 

This indicated his desire to see the character being adapted once again in the story which could focus more on his escape from the Planet Vegeta and his exploration after. While Turles has not been given much screen time in the main series, a new adaptation would surely attract a lot of Dragon Ball fans.

Turles in Dragon Ball Z
Turles in Dragon Ball Z

Turles was first seen in Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might which was the sixth Dragon Ball film and the third under the Dragon Ball Z name. He has also featured in the Budokai Tenkaichi 2, Budokai Tenkaichi 3, and Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 video games.

Who is Turles in the Dragon Ball Series?

Turles is a Saiyan who served in the Frieza Force as a member of the Saiyan Army until he went rogue and explored space, taking his henchmen, the Turles Crusher Corps, with him as they conquered planets. In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Turles was a supporting antagonist who later became a rival. 

Turles - Super Dragon Ball Heroes
Turles – Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Turles is the primary antagonist in Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might. Despite having a strong resemblance to Goku, he is a Saiyan warrior who is completely different from him. Since he was on some sort of assignment at the time, it is thought that he managed to avoid the supernova attack that Frieza used to wipe out Planet Vegeta. 


Turles is regarded as a low-class Saiyan warrior, but because he has repeatedly consumed the Fruit of the Tree of Might, he has a base power level far higher than other Saiyans of that tier. His role in Super Dragon Ball Heroes and his mention by Toyotarou might be a hint at the character making a comeback once again in the Dragon Ball series.


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