“Just make me a Stormtrooper”: Samuel L. Jackson Begged George Lucas To Let Him Loose After His Desperate Attempts To Be in Star Wars

Stormtrooper dreams, Jedi reality: Jackson's cosmic flip!

Samuel L. Jackson Begged George Lucas To Let Him Loose After His Desperate Attempts To Be in Star Wars


  • - Samuel L. Jackson expressed a simple, fan-like desire to be part of 'Star Wars.' His wish was to have even a minor role, specifically mentioning a Stormtrooper
  • - Jackson was invited to meet George Lucas without any clear role or script in place.
  • - The actor discovered on-set that he would play a Jedi named Mace Windu.
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Samuel L. Jackson is widely known for his impressive and diverse performances in various cinematic universes, where he often portrays rebellious characters. Interestingly, he expressed his desire to play a Stormtrooper in the Star Wars franchise.


In an industry where casting calls are kept secret, and character arcs are meticulously planned, Jackson’s genuine appeal and subsequent journey into George Lucas’s intergalactic epic is an exceptional stroke of luck. The actor was offered the role without prior scripts or detailed briefings, which created a unique actor-character origin story.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Unexpected Role In Star Wars

Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson openly shared his desire to join the iconic Star Wars franchise during a talk show appearance. Little did he realize that this casual remark would lead to a life-changing opportunity, as he was offered a significant role far from forgettable.


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Jackson’s journey to the Star Wars universe wasn’t a result of rigorous auditions or extensive preparation but rather a chance encounter with the legendary creator of the series, George Lucas, whose imaginative works have captivated audiences and sparked endless speculation for generations.

Samuel L. Jackson and George Lucas
Samuel L. Jackson and George Lucas

In an interview with Seth Meyers on his talk show, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Jackson recalls an impromptu meeting with Lucas and his desire to play the role of a Stormtrooper.


“I went out to do ‘Sphere’ in Vallejo [California], which is very close to his ranch, and I got a call saying, ‘George would like to meet you.’ So I went to his house, and he hadn’t really completed the script. He said, ‘I don’t know what you do in it,’ and I’m like, ‘Look, make me a Stormtrooper. I just wanna run across screen, nobody even needs to know. Just let me go.'”

After a few months, Jackson was called to fly to London as Lucas was ready to start production. Once there, he was enveloped in the mystery of an undeveloped character and ambiguous storyline and found himself making impromptu decisions that may have been influenced by fate.

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Samuel L. Jackson’s Journey To Becoming Mace Windu

Mace Windu
Mace Windu

As Samuel L. Jackson embarked on his Star Wars journey, he came across the robes of a Jedi. This revealed his character and gave him the iconic lightsaber – a weapon with a legendary status in the galaxy. With eight possible weapons to choose from, Jackson eagerly embraced Mace Windu and felt genuine excitement and respect for the universe he was entering.


The actor’s heart was enthusiastic as he chose, leaving his mark on the cinematic and cultural world with his distinct lightsaber color. Becoming Mace Windu was not just about playing a part for Jackson.

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The Star Wars star wanted to incorporate subtle details into the character that acknowledged the fans and intertwined with his film career.  The purple lightsaber and “BMF” inscription merged Jackson’s and Windu’s identities, making the character more appealing and relatable to fans who knew the actor’s past roles.


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