“Just remember you’ve hired me”: Julia Roberts Refused To Break One Strict Rule For Her N*de Scene In A $81 Million Worth Movie

The Duplicity team tried to get around Julia Roberts' rule, but she was steadfast in her belief.

"Just remember you've hired me": Julia Roberts Refused To Break One Strict Rule For Her N*de Scene In A $81 Million Worth Movie


  • Julia Roberts has one rule that she refuses to break for any role or movie, which is to never strip in front of the camera.
  • In her $81 million movie, Duplicity, which had a s*x scene, Roberts refused to disrobe, and the scene had to be toned down at her insistence.
  • She believes that n*dity does not equal to acting, and to act with clothes on is a performance while acting with clothes off is a documentary.
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Julia Roberts is a luminary when it comes to her acting charms. For years the Oscar-winning actress has dominated the big screens with her powerful acting. Even though she has been in a variety of movies, including romantic ones, Roberts has one rule that she has absolutely refused to break no matter the role or movie.

julia roberts (via instagram)
Julia Roberts (via Instagram)

Even for a scene in her $81 million movie, Duplicity, she refused to strip while in front of the camera. It is a rule that she has always followed ever since the beginning of her career and continues to follow.

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Julia Roberts’ One Rule That She’ll Never Break

a still from duplicity
A still from Duplicity

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Having acted in movies like Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts knows well enough that she might have had to show a bit of n*dity for some roles. However, despite understanding this fact, the actress has always maintained her rule about not disrobing in movies. Even during the filming of Duplicity, the role had a s*x scene in the script, which had to be toned down due to her insistence. Talking about the matter, she once stated (via the Daily Mail),

“You know it’s not really what I do, so if you are going ask me to do it, you have to expect it to be toned down. You know, as a mum of three, I feel like that.”

For the Oscar-winning actress, n*dity does not equal to acting,


“I wouldn’t do nudity in films. To act with my clothes on is a performance. To act with my clothes off is a documentary.”

Despite knowing well about the actress’s nature and her rule regarding on-screen n*dity, the production team of her movie Duplicity tried to get around it. But they still did not manage to get the lead of the movie, Julia Roberts, to do it the way they wanted. Later on, Roberts even commented on it (via Contact Music) stating that they should have known better,

“I thought, ‘Y’know, just remember you’ve hired me… I’m, like, the G-rated actress.'”

In an industry where not many actresses have the voice to stand up for themselves, Roberts is an inspiration and a source of power for always standing up for herself.

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N*dity Wasn’t The Only Thing That Bothered Julia Roberts During Duplicity

roberts with danny moder (via moder's instagram)
Roberts with Danny Moder (via Moder’s Instagram)

While the Pretty Woman star has always maintained to never be n*de on screen, she is no stranger to making out with her on-screen partners. Even in the movie Duplicity, the actress had to kiss her co-star Clive Owen more than a few times.

Even though the movie was a romantic comedy, Roberts was bothered by her several kissing scenes because it was her husband Danny Moder who was behind the camera (via Contact Music).

 “It’s awkward… When you’re not kissing your true love, it’s awkward.”

Moder was a cameraman in the movie and to make out with her co-star in the presence of her husband wasn’t easy for the actress. But despite the awkwardness, she managed to make it through the shoot with grace.


Duplicity can be screened on Amazon Prime.


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