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Justice League: 10 Whedon Cut Mistakes The Snyder Cut Must Correct

1 Justice League 10 Whedon Cut Mistakes The Snyder Cut Must Correct

The Justice League Snyder Cut is almost upon us. And here is where it must bridge the void that was left behind by the deplorable Justice League Whedon Cut.

Avoiding The New Gods

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The New Gods were created by Jack Kirby. They are powerful beings that live in an alternate dimension of existence called the Fourth World. The New Gods have been divided into two factions – Apokolips and New Genesis. Ava DuVernay will be helming the upcoming New Gods project. To that end, the studio had planned the debut of this faction in the DCEU via the Justice League movie. Thanks to Joss Whedon, the New Gods never got any screen-time. The trailer for the Snyder cut does show the New Gods in action. But what we want is an appropriate amount of screen time for them so that the audiences at least get aware that they exist. Given the enormous runtime of the Snyder Cut, it won’t be an issue.

Martian Manhunter’s Significance To The Storyline

snyder cut 2

The original tagline for Justice League read “Unite The Seven”. We only got to see six of the heroes in action. Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg formed the Justice League. The seventh hero was missing. The Snyder Cut will bring the seventh hero into the screens. Martian Manhunter is coming. The seven will be united for the first time in a live action movie. But let’s hope the Martian Manhunter reveal is actually significant to the plot and is not being done as a form of fan service.

Cringe Humor

snyder cut 7

The last thing Zack Snyder wanted in his vision for the DCEU was misplaced, cringe humor. From the moment he helped conceive the DCEU with 2013’s Man Of Steel, Snyder had kept the DCEU dark and gritty. There were still jokes flying around but they were well-placed and witty. Joss Whedon took that element and flipped it upside down. His idea of humor was different from Snyder’s. As a result, we saw extreme cringe humor. The humor took a heavy toll on Batman’s characterization in the movie. He went from a dark and brooding anti-hero to a useless jokester.

Sexualization Of Wonder Woman

snyder cut 5

Wonder Woman is the sole female member of the Justice League. She represents womanhood in the mightiest superhero team in the DCEU. And to make the only woman be perceived as nothing more than an object of sex appeal is downright blasphemous. Diana Prince is more than just a walking romantic interest. She is a part of the Holy Trinity of the DC Universe. Wonder Woman is one of the strongest DC Superheroes. Scenes like that infamous butt-shot must not be there in the Snyder Cut.

Cyborg’s Story

snyder cut 6

Maybe Whedon had a personal vendetta with Ray Fisher. Maybe he is indeed a racist piece of crap that everyone thinks him to be. Or maybe he was just misunderstood. We will probably never know. The one thing we do know is that Ray Fisher did a wonderful job as Victor Stone aka Cyborg in the Justice League. He was one of the key highlights of the movie. Victor’s back story as well as his motivations to join the Justice League were never explored. Let’s hope Cyborg is given a little more importance in the Snyder Cut. From the looks of the trailers, we just might be heading there.

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Redemption For Parademons

snyder cut 9

The Parademons form the bulk of Darkseid’s army. They are fallen soldiers from worlds Apokolps has conquered. The alien worlds’ inhabitants are then captured and assimilated to become Darkseid’s slaves. They have superior strength, heightened pain tolerance, and an ability to smell fear. The Parademons can literally smell fear in their enemies. In the end, this ability ends up forcing them to turn on Steppenwolf, who starts getting scared of the might of the Justice League. Our only question is why did not the Parademons smell fear from the other inhabitants of Earth during the invasion. That and many other questions regarding the Parademons must be addressed in detail in the Snyder Cut.

Factually Incorrect Dialogues

snyder cut 8

The Justice League Whedon Cut was rifer with factual inaccuracies. In the scene where Wonder woman walks in on a group of bank robbers, the leader of the robbers claims he has enough explosives to blow 4 blocks wide open. But the term blocks is a slag used to measure residential areas in US neighborhoods. The scene takes place in the United Kingdom. The robbers as well as the leader are British. But their use of the word “Blocks” is incorrect. Another instance is when Aquaman threatens the Flash by telling him that he will unleash all the piranhas he ever knew at him. Piranhas are freshwater creatures. Aquaman is the King of the Seven Seas.

Explaining The Knightmare Sequence

snyder cut 4

The Knightmare sequence is much more than just a flash-forward. There is something grater at play here. There is a reason it was included within Justice League. The Whedon Cut gave us but a glimpse. Nobody knows why the Knightmare Sequence is within the Justice League at all. A corrupted Superman and an army of Parademons rooting out the last vestiges of resistance must symbolize something. And why did the Flash run back in time to warn Bruce Wayne about this? Why did not he run back to warn Superman himself?

Let Go Of The Russian Family Sub Plot

snyder cut 3

The Russian family saga is featured exclusively in the final stages of the movie. This was all Whedon’s doing. Zack Snyder had no part to play in this. Despite their being comic elements, the entire Russian family sub plot is useless and insignificant to the movie. The family sub plot becomes even more unimportant when you realize there are no other people in the village except them. The characters were created specifically to create a sense of urgency. They were destined to be saved by the Justice League.

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Flash’s Time Travel Abilities To Be Given More Scope

snyder cut 1

The Flash is arguably the strongest member of the Justice League. In terms of sheer skill and abilities, no hero comes close. With access to the Speed Force, Barry Allen has access to an infinite amount of energy. One of the many abilities the Speed Force grants is the power to travel across time. This ability will come in handy in the upcoming Flash movie. To ensure the fans are aware of Barry Allen and his time traveling skills, the Snyder Cut must explore the Flash’s skills in more detail.

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