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Justice League Animated Series: Batman-Wonder Woman Relationship Moments We All Adored

Batman and Wonder Woman Relationship Facts To Make You Ship Them Even More

When it comes to ladies in his past, Batman has the worst experience. They’re either boring damsels in distress, villains, or morally ambiguous to the point of destructive relationships. Many fans are hoping that his connection with Wonder Woman would pay off after all of this. Here’s a collection of Batman and Wonder Woman facts that will make you want to ship them even more:

1.  Nobody Slaps Diana

Batman and Wonder Woman on New Genesis: Justice League.
Batman and Wonder Woman on New Genesis: Justice League.

Batman and Wonder Woman make it to New Genesis in search of Orion in a more subdued scene from the episode “Twilight.” They run into Lightray, who teases the two characters before assaulting Wonder Woman by slapping her buttocks. Following Diana’s remark that he’s worse than the Flash, a chase ensues. Despite the fact that Batman never says anything about it, he does not hesitate to use his cape to defeat Lightray. It’s Batman’s more passive approach of disciplining the arrogant New God for stepping over a personal line.

2. Stuck of a Rooftop

Batman and Wonder Woman flirting on a rooftop.
Batman and Wonder Woman flirting on a rooftop.

Waiting for something to happen on a rooftop? Wonder Woman’s style isn’t exactly like this, but she committed to it on a task with Batman. That’s sweet enough on its own, but she then proceeds to flirt with the big bat. What is Batman’s reaction? By being a knucklehead who lists all the reasons why their relationship won’t succeed. It’s funny enough that Batman refers to himself as a privileged kid with problems, but it’s clear that he likes Diana. As a result, seeing him do his utmost to suppress his emotions is more endearing than anything else.

3. Wonder Girl Saves Batboy

Batman in the arms of Wonder Woman.
Batman in the arms of Wonder Woman.

Batboy is rendered worthless against one of Mordred’s creatures during a combat. As a result, Wonder Girl defeats the beast before snatching Batboy into her arms. Naturally, as a young guy, he does not appreciate being rescued by a girl. When Diana asks if he’s all right, he squirms out of her clutches and sulks away. It’s just more confirmation that these two were made for each other even when they were younger.

4. The Undercover Kiss

Batman and Wonder Woman kiss in Justice League.
Batman and Wonder Woman kiss in Justice League.

Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince take refuge from the Thanagarians in a restaurant during the three-part conclusion of Justice League. Diana kisses Bruce for a believable make-out session in order to blend in. The Thanagarians depart, and Diana expresses her guilt for her conduct. Bruce isn’t annoyed, so he tells her not to be sorry with a grin on his face. This would be the first time in the series that Batman and Wonder Woman kissed, and after all of the build-up between them, fans can’t help but cheer for them.

5.Batman’s Genuine Concern for Diana

Batman and Wonder Woman looking at each other
Wonder Woman looking at Batman lovingly.

Very few things can get under Batman’s skin, as a result of his years as a ruthless vigilante. He retains his humanity, especially when one of his comrades is in jeopardy. Diana collides with Gorilla Grodd’s missile after she redirects it away from Gorilla City. Batman rushes to her rescue, attempting to free her from the muddy wreckage. It’s unusual and refreshing to see Batman in such distress when he believes Wonder Woman has died. Diana, on the other hand, appears to be alright, and she even sees the grime and mud on Batman’s hands, which warms her heart enough to give him a kiss on the cheek.

Written by Alfeeya Pathan

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