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Justice League: Every Superman Suit In The Snyder Cut

Justice League Every Superman Suit In The Snyder Cut

The new Justice League: Snyder Cut Official Trailer is out on HBO Max and boy, are we excited?! What’s more, is that now, we have yet another reason to talk about Superman. Yes, we are talking about the shot in the trailer where Clark Kent is pacing the corridors of Kryptonian scout ship from Man of Steel. And, interestingly this ship showcases more than just his blue and red suit. Of course, we won’t get to see all of them on Cavil’s sculpted body. But we can safely say, Snyder knows how much his fans love finding these tiny easter eggs.

Batman v/s Superman: Dawn of Justice had the Superman fans in tears. But the comic fans, of course, found relief, in that Superman was never meant to stay dead. And, thanks to one of his (regenerative) suits, he was back on the battlefield.

In the comic book Death of Superman, he is killed by Doomsday, a villain of Kryptonian origins, as adapted by Batman v/s Superman. The movies have obviously circumvented the Reign of Supermen comic storyline. But as the reel version of Superman comes back to life in Snyder Cut of Justice League, we see him wearing a dark-shaded suit. This might be the same black and silver suit that takes the power from the sun and heals Superman. But this assumption will only be confirmed once Justice League: The Snyder Cut hits the screens.

Here are all of the suits in that Kryptonian scout ship as shown by Snyder in the new trailer.

House of El suit from Man of Steel:

 Justice League: Every Superman Suit In The Snyder Cut
Man of Steel Blue-Red suit

Superman has dawned this original blue and red suit from the Man of Steel (2013) rendition. In other origin stories, Martha Kent made this outfit for Clark. But in this version, Superman finds this suit waiting for him in the scout ship when he realizes that he belongs to the planet of Krypton and activates Jor-AL A.I. W saw this suit being damaged in Superman’s fight with Doomsday in Batman v/s Superman. But we are just glad to see that the scout ship in the Snyder Cut has a back-up for our Man of Steel.


Kryptonian Outposts Armor:

Man of Steel concept art puts Zod in more alien armor | Armor concept, Man of steel, Concept art
Kryptonian Outposts Armor

What’s interesting is Snyder hasn’t enticed just the movie fanbase, but also dropped subtle, significant clues for the comic fans. This suit, in fact, looks quite similar to the one that Kara wore as a member of the Kryptonian crew in the outposts. The lit-up disks in this suit may remind the fans vaguely of Brainiac comic character. And who’s to say this suit in the wrong hands might just be a catastrophe waiting to happen?!


Kryptonian Armor Suit:

OAFE - Man of Steel: Movie Masters Zod with Kryptonian Armor review
General Zod’s Armor Suit

This is yet another interesting puzzle piece that Snyder leaves out for the fans. Although only hardcore fans will have noticed this, Snyder seems to be picking on many clues from the Man of Steel movie line. This particular suit bears an uncanny resemblance to the one worn by General Zod in the 2013 film. The bulk of the suit definitely gives it the air of authority befitting a high-ranking army official of Kryptonian origin.


Armor of the Kryptonian Female Sub-Commander:

Faora Man of Steel | Fantasy armor, Fantasy costumes, Female armor
Faora UI in Armor

This one is specifically intriguing as it is much leaner than the other suits. Again, Man of Steel (2013) fans may find it much similar to the uniform suit sported by Faora in the movie’s climax. Though we know that she was sent to the Phantom Zone, to find this suit here in the scout ship is particularly striking. Of course, it can’t be denied that this suit may have belonged to Kara when she crashed on earth. But surely, the cape and the overall look of the suit have the fans imagining all possible theories.


Black Suit in The Snyder Cut:

The Black Suit on Cavill in the Snyder Cut
The Black Suit

And then there was one! Yes, the black suit that Superman is seen wearing in this particular trailer. Though, this isn’t the first time that Kent will be sporting this sleek suit. In fact, the TV and comic versions have already seen Kent in this stunning suit. But no brownie points for guessing that Cavill in this suit is something the fans have been long waiting to see.


It is obvious that Snyder’s vision for the Justice League and Superman’s franchise is much more detailed than we previously thought. And, if not for the personal tragedy that struck his family, we would have experienced this vision right in 2017. But unfortunately, though he spearheaded the Justice League project, for the most part, the final rolled-out version was directed by Joss Whedon. Whedon stepped in as the unaccredited co-director and brought out the movie that the fans were waiting for. Of course, the Justice League fans are hardly complaining because this means two versions of this action-packed movie for them.

Official Trailer:


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