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“Justice League is incomplete without him”: DC Fans Demand Ray Fisher’s Return as Cyborg to Justice League 2 After Henry Cavill’s Return in Black Adam

Ray Fisher's Return as Cyborg to Justice League 2 After Henry Cavill's Return

Zack Snyder’s DCEU brought multiple talents out into the limelight, Ray Fisher being one of the severely underrated gems among them. Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, and Jason Momoa received unanimous praise and instant success after their DC stint and found their solo movies being greenlit for immediate go-ahead (sans Batfleck). However, the actor who portrays Cyborg in Justice League remains in the shadows with no supposed grand comeback on the horizon.

Ray Fisher
Ray Fisher

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Ray Fisher’s Strained Relationship With the WB Studio

No DCEU fan is unaware of the chaotic decade that the DC franchise has had to tread through under the Warner Bros. and DC Films management. But the wrong-place-wrong-time label never fit anybody’s profile better than Zack Snyder during his tenure in the CBM industry. Stripped of his own creation and hung out to dry, the director’s years of planning that included a 5 movie plan encompassing his vision of DCEU were left completely unrealized and the scraps that were left were relegated to the care of Joss Whedon.

Ray Fisher stands against Joss Whedon and former DC Films management
Ray Fisher stands against Joss Whedon and former DC Films management

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It was during this time that discomfort and toxicity began simmering between the management and the cast of the Justice League film who were being called in for months-long reshoots. Ray Fisher, who plays the mechanically reconstructed superhero Victor Stone aka Cyborg, came forward with allegations of racism and abuse levied at director Whedon, then DC Films co-presidents Geoff Johns and John Berg, and their new replacement, Walter Hamada.

Hamada’s involvement extended beyond his authority over projects under the banner of DC Films as Fisher claimed that he tried to “bury the Justice League investigation” conducted to look into these allegations. It is now well-known how far his influence reached, especially following the news about him snuffing out SnyderVerse’s more centered and inclusive DCEU in favor of a broader universe. Hamada also allegedly prevented Henry Cavill from returning as Superman in favor of a Black Superman movie, which despite Cavill’s current return is still seemingly in development. So one dares to ask only one question about Walter Hamada and his villainous DCEU strategy — all of this and for what?

Ray Fisher later declared he wouldn’t return to DC as long as Hamada was in charge. After the latter’s widely celebrated exit, Fisher tweeted, “May we never experience his like again.”

Ray Fisher as Victor Stone aka Cyborg
Ray Fisher as Victor Stone aka Cyborg

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Fans Clamor For Ray Fisher’s Return as Victor Stone/Cyborg

Ray Fisher was perhaps the most unjustly treated among all in the Justice League fraternity since Zack Snyder’s unceremonious exit. It then becomes only right to ask for his return to the DC franchise and reprise his role as Cyborg, especially following the impossible return of Henry Cavill in Black Adam. Considering the fact that Walter Hamada is now out of the picture and so are all the players he had specifically levied his allegations against, the path to his return is now carpeted in red for his arrival.

The DCEU future is undergoing major reconstruction at the moment with a primary focus on the reparation of its past mistakes. So it might not be too hard to get back Ray Fisher on board as the original universe envisioned by Snyder is finally coming together. Ben Affleck, too, has returned with confirmed appearances in The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Henry Cavill is starring in the long-awaited and once-abandoned hope for the sequel to Man of Steel. Ezra Miller’s The Flash 2 script is ready and in need of a sign-off, while Wonder Woman 3 is already on the horizon.

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Written by Diya Majumdar

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