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Justice League: New Joker Images Prove That He’ll Come Face to Face With Batman

Joker Batman 1

Zack Snyder has given us our first look at the Joker from his Justice League. Jared Leto wasn’t a part of the footage that Snyder shot back in 2017. But he was one of the late additions to the film. Snyder seems to be fixing the problems that people had with Joker in Suicide Squad. Instead of the short-haired, tattooed crime prince of Gotham, Jared Leto is playing a “road-weary” version of the Joker who has longer hair, and no tattoos for a change. Here, check out the first look at the Joker from Zack Snyder’s Justice League:

Such a drastic transition in Joker’s appearance and his state of captivity confirms that he will be a part of the Knightmare sequence of the film. So far, we’ve known that the Knightmare future takes place 5 years after the events of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Looking at where Joker is sitting, it is confirmed that he will come face to face with Batman. And that’s what every one of us has wished to see in the DCEU. Here’s the image of Batman that Zack Snyder recently revealed:

Batman knightmare

The Resistance

Batsy is clearly looking at the Joker, and it seems that we are going to see a Batman-Joker team up in the upcoming film. This is the future where the Justice League has fallen. Superman has succumbed to Darkseid’s anti-life equation. Cyborg, the Flash, and Batman are the only original Leaguers left to fight. Along with them, there’s probably Martian Manhunter who is also a part of the resistance. Since Batman needs more soldiers, he might have to bring in his past enemies. That’s where the “mohawk” Deathstroke and the long-haired Joker could come into play.

Image: Screen Rant

These characters will have to set their differences aside and work together if Earth is to survive. Batman will have to let go of the fact that Joker murdered Dick Grayson by setting him on fire in the Wayne Manor. He might actually be recruiting the Joker since his psychotic brain may not fall under the influence of Darkseid’s anti-life equation. But what’s in it for Joker? Why would he help Batman? Well, the reason could be that even he wants the world to return to its former self. He probably wants to be the one that spreads chaos instead of Darkseid.

Potential Spoiler Follows.

A Joker Card in Zack Snyders Justice League compared with the card taped to Knightmare Batmans rifle

We’ve seen the Joker card in the past Knightmare stills and videos, and it hinted at the fact that Joker possibly died. Rumors suggest that he will steal a Mother Box to help create the cosmic treadmill. Using this “time machine,” Barry will travel back in time in order to warn Bruce Wayne about Superman and Lois Lane. This will directly connect with the confusing scene we saw in Batman V Superman. But, this rumor about Joker’s mission also mentions is that he will die while retrieving the Mother Box, which is why Batman will strap his calling card on his rifle.

This team-up between Batman and Joker sounds pretty intense, and we just can’t wait to see it happen in live-action. It’s too bad that there’s still more than a month left as Zack Snyder’s Justice League hits HBO Max on March 18.

Written by Vansh Mehra

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