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Justice League: New Trailer For The Snyder Cut Has Arrived

Justice League: New Trailer For The Snyder Cut Has Arrived

Zack Snyder has been revealing little teasers of his Justice League trailer for the last three days. Fans have been super hyped looking at the new stills that were revealed from the Snyder Cut. But those three teasers were just appetizers. Now, we’ve got the full meal as the visionary director has dropped the full trailer of the film. Watch it right here if you haven’t:

Oh, God! It starts with the long shot of Superman’s demise. This shot literally rings the bell of Apokolips. The trailer just packs so much. We’ve got a good look at black-suit Superman! He gets another flight moment which looks absolutely majestic! Batman interacts with Jared Leto’s Joker while Cyborg stands behind him!! It seems that he has broken the Crime Prince of Gotham out of prison for a specific purpose. He also brings in his gigantic tank sized Batmobile straight from the pages of The Dark Knight Returns. It will obviously get a new name in the film.

steppenwolf 2

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Moving on, Steppenwolf just looks so great even without his helmet. He is going to be a total bad-ass! I mean, how could you have any more doubts about his badassery after watching this trailer? The fact that Darkseid, Granny Goodness, and DeSaad are going to be showing up beside him raises the hype for the film even more.

Darkseid in Justice League Snyder Cut 1

Now, we’re sure that Zack Snyder’s Justice League is going to feature a narrative that is very different and much more elaborate than the theatrical cut. Every hero will get an elongated arc. Diana will be warned by the Amazons after Steppenwolf takes Themiscyra’s Mother Box. She will investigate the incoming attack of Darkseid before joining Bruce. Even Alfred seems to be playing a major role as he will guide Bruce in bringing the team together.


cyborg new look justice league snyder cut 1

The Flash is going to tap into the Speed Force. But, one of the greatest shots of the trailer was Cyborg pulling a cannon out of his back! He’s really going to be the heart of the film. The greatest takeaway from this trailer is that it gives us so many new shots to look at and break down, but it still doesn’t spoil every one of its surprises. We still haven’t got a look at Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, or even Deathstroke. So, we just can’t wait to get this 4-hour long extravaganza!

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