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Gods fight Misfits: Justice League vs. Umbrella Academy – Who Wins?


For casual lovers of the superhero genre, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Justice League were literally the only superhero teams that came to mind when they thought of super powered icons of justice. With Netflix and Amazon Prime launching a slew of unconventional superhero shows and movies, the list has increased as of now. Netflix’s Umbrella Academy is now one of the most famous superhero teams globally. They are a rag-tag group of misfits that just happened to come together and save the world not once but twice, consecutively. The most powerful superhero team to ever exist would be DC Comics’ the Justice League. What happens when the two teams fight? A Justice league vs. Umbrella Academy match would be absolutely terrific. Who wins – Justice League vs. Umbrella Academy – this will be a fight to remember!!

Justice League – The Numerical Superiority

justice league vs. umbrella academy numbers

If you think the Justice League has only seven members, then we hate to burst your bubble. Anybody here seen Justice League Unlimited? The actual membership roster of the Justice League is almost double that in the comic books. With those kinds of numbers, the Justice League has an endless supply of meta-humans at their disposal. Superheroes are a dime a dozen in the DC Universe and almost all of them are Justice League members. The Umbrella Academy is a motley crew of few. The Justice League is more like a horde.

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Umbrella Academy – Hidden Potential

justice league vs. umbrella academy umbrella academy 43 children

There are a total of 43 children in the Umbrella Academy Universe. The mighty revelation shook the very core of the Umbrella Academy Universe in the second season’s finale. There are more than 30 super humans that the Umbrella Academy has no idea about. What could their powers be? Lila is revealed to be one of the 43. She has the incredible ability to mimic any of the other children’s powers. The 43, if they joined forces, would add a huge boost to the powers and skill-sets of the Umbrella Academy. It will in no way outdo Justice League’s superiority in numbers but considering there might be other individual more powerful than Vanya, it would be a proposition the League would not be willing to take.

Justice League – Experience with World-Ending Threats

justice league vs. umbrella academy jl vs darkseid

It is not like the Umbrella Academy has not had their fair share of planet busters. They survived nuclear apocalypses and the proverbial end of the world. They have saved the world. But they have only done it twice. The Justice League on the other hand fights world-ending threats and other super humans on a daily basis. Their biggest and greatest threats are literal Gods. From the God of Evil to alternate reality nemeses, the Justice League has fought them all. In a Justice League vs. Umbrella Academy Fight, that experience would be very useful since the Academy has very little of it.

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Justice League – The Resources

justice league vs. umbrella academy justice league resources

Let us just talk about the resources at the disposal of the founding members of the team. Aquaman has the entire might of the seven seas. Atlantis commands everything under the ocean. Batman is heir to a fortune not even Elon Musk could dream of. Superman has the technology of an entire hyper-advanced race. Wonder Woman has the backing of the Greek Gods of Olympus and a personal army of trained warrior woman called the Amazons. The Flash has the cosmic treadmill and his Flash Family. Cyborg can literally control all the technology that ever was, is, or will exist in the planet. The Martian Manhunter is DC’s most powerful telepath. The Green Lantern has the entire Green Lantern Corps. Should we go on?

Umbrella Academy – Number Five, Vanya, Allison

justice league vs. umbrella academy vanya number five

Vanya, Allison and Number Five are the three most powerful members of the Umbrella Academy. Vanya can convert ambient sound energy into explosive blasts. She was responsible for the apocalypse on two occasions because she lost control of her powers. Allison has scary reality altering powers. Her rumor powers are way too much if you ask us. With a mere whisper, she can make literally anyone dance to her tunes. Number Five has the power of teleportation. He can jump through time and space. He is also a trained assassin. The three, if they decided to coordinate their powers, and get the advantage of the first strike, could wreak havoc on the Justice League. It would be tough for the trio but it would still be doable.

Justice League – Back-Up Teams

justice league vs. umbrella academy dc superhero teams

The Justice League is not just one team. It is like the root of a giant tree, with each branch of the humongous tree spawning a new branch of superheroes that form a new team. The Teen Titans, the Doom Patrol, and the Justice Society are to name a few. We are not even going to the superheroes’ respective superhero families. The Superman family, the Flash Family, the Batman Family, the Shazam Family, the entire Green Lantern Corps – they form the reserve troops for the League in times of crisis. When in danger, the back-up teams could give the League’s offensive a boost so powerful the Umbrella Academy would not even survive the first wave.

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Umbrella Academy – Training

justice league vs. umbrella academy hargreeves training

Unlike the members of the Justice League, the Hargreeves children were trained form birth in the art of the superhero way. They have advanced level knowledge of their own abilities. They have mastered their skills and know an awful lot about the flaws and merits of their own abilities. In a fight, the Umbrella Academy can fall back to their training while the League could not replicate that advantage. Batman, Superman, the Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and the likes only learned about the true extent of their skill-sets while in their teenager or early-twenty years. Except Wonder Woman, no one in the Justice League has that level of discipline or training the Umbrella Academy possesses.

Justice League – The Holy Trinity of Comic Books

justice league vs. umbrella academy dc comics trinity

The world’s most powerful, reputed, respected and revered superheroes to ever exist, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman form the Holy Trinity of Comic Books. Batman has the intelligence of a master tactician and strategist. He is a polymath and is a man of many hidden talents. He is the brains. Superman is a Kryptonian with the brutish power level of a God. He has moved literal stars with his bare hands. He is the brawn. Wonder Woman forms the crux of the Justice League. A mix of both strategy and brute strength, she is the moral compass of the team. With the trinity at their side, the League will be nigh unstoppable.

justice league vs. umbrella academy justice league wins

Verdict: We guess the outcome is clear. The Umbrella Academy might prove to be a tough cookie. But in a Justice League vs. Umbrella Academy Fight, the sheer experience, numbers, and resources at the disposal of the League heavily tilt the battle to one side.

The Justice League wins.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

With a Bachelor's in Engineering and a Master's in Marketing and Operations, Bibhu found a love for writing, working for many different websites. He joined FandomWire in July 2020 and worked his way to his current position of Content Strategist. Bibhu has been involved in operating and managing FandomWire's team of writers, diversifying into varied, exotic fields of pop culture.