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Justice League: Zack Snyder Reveals A Stunning New Steppenwolf Battle Sequence


Zack Snyder’s Justice League has been rated R for its strong violence and some language. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition was also R-Rated, so it’s understandable that Justice League has also followed suit. While we wait for a new trailer to arrive on February 14, Snyder has given us a glimpse of the violence that will be a part of his cut. Here, have a look at a new battle sequence between Steppenwolf and the Amazons.

Snyder shared this footage on his Vero account. As you can see, Steppenwolf is not holding back. We’re getting his new design. He is big, brawny, and as Snyder said, he is “a spikey mo****f****r.” His armor takes a bunch of arrows as the Amazon warriors try to restrain him, but he keeps swinging his thunderous axe. He pulls in a bunch of horses along with the riders and throws them on the other warriors. This vicious fight obviously takes place when Steppenwolf shows up in Themyscira to acquire the first mother box. Queen Hippolyta and her Amazon forces will try their best to prevent the mother box. But as we can see, they are going to fail miserably.

Check out how Shazam! director, David F. Sandberg reacts to this footage:

A while back, Snyder revealed that his true version of Justice League exists in black and white. And that’s what we see over here. While showing off this clip, Snyder said that he is also working on the “Justice Is Gray Edition” of the film. So, we could expect this variant to be available after the release of Justice League’s colored version on HBO Max.

Image: HBO Max

Looking at the Steppenwolf fight scene, we are certain that the film will bring in a much-improved version of the villain compared to whatever Whedon released. In fact, we’re going to see improvements throughout the film. The run time is longer, and that will allow all the characters to be explored properly. They were wronged in the theatrical cut of the film. But justice will be served this time around. Besides them, we are going to get a few new characters as well. And with the R-Rating, the fight sequences will be long, brutal, and absolutely bad-ass.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is set to release as a 4 hour long cut on March 18, only on HBO Max. As for the worldwide release, Warner Bros. is still trying to figure out a distribution pattern. But don’t you guys worry about it! All of us will get a fair chance of watching the film. How excited are you excited about the film? Tell us in the comments section.

Written by Vansh Mehra

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