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Kang Actor Jonathan Majors Feels He “might be the luckiest actor” and Reveals His Main Goal Behind Playing the Dreaded Villain in the MCU

Kang Actor Jonathan Majors Feels He “might be the luckiest actor” and Reveals His Main Goal Behind Playing the Dreaded Villain in the MCU

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s newest villain is an absolute menace, and actor Jonathan Majors unveils his one main goal in playing the character. Before Kang the Conqueror, Marvel fans had Josh Brolin’s Thanos to look out for.

Jonathan Majors Kang the Conqueror
Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror

It is inevitable for comparisons to be made, but Majors made it clear that his character is different from Thanos. This allows the actor to ease up the pressure of trying to live up to everyone’s expectations. With this in mind, Majors revealed he has one goal for taking on the villainous role.

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Kang The Conqueror Actor Jonathan Majors Reveals His Goal For Playing The Role

Jonathan Majors spoke with Nerdbunker and talked about his character Kang the Conqueror. He explained his intention, just like any other character he has ever portrayed:

I think with Kang, my objective with every role I play is to make them as universal and as human as possible. I think we’d be lucky, you know, for these next phases to have a big bad that also allows the audiences to oscillate between cheering and booing.”

Jonathan Majors
Jonathan Majors

Clearly, the actor wanted fans to sympathize with Kang and look at his plans from the villain’s perspective, and at the same time, despise it for certain reasons. Majors also beamed with happiness as he considers himself the “luckiest actor” because of the opportunities coming his way:

I have other projects, and other movies going on, which is cool because I have an opportunity to do the work, you know, in multiple different worlds. It’s super fun stuff, you go, okay, I wonder how we can—because you know, in my world, between the two, where are they different, where are they the same, and that’s really exciting too. I feel like I might be the luckiest actor.”

Being able to play a multidimensional character is tough and rewarding at the same time. Majors also complimented Brolin’s villain portrayal and said he “did so beautifully with Thanos” which the actor believes is incredible.

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Why Kang The Conqueror Is A Dangerous Villain

Jonathan Majors
Jonathan Majors

It is no secret that Majors is extremely passionate about playing Kang. He took inspiration from various Marvel villains such as Loki, Ultron, and Thanos. These antagonists have their own motives, and Majors believed that Kang would represent our present generation.

Majors revealed that any big bad villain has to be a “manifestation of our deepest insecurities” as a society. This makes Kang a more dangerous antagonist because his strongest facets are rooted in something profound.

Catch Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror in Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on February 17, 2023.

Source: Nerdbunker

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Written by Ariane Cruz

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