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Kang The Conqueror Explained: How The Marvel Villain Will Change The MCU

Kang The Conqueror Explained How The Marvel Villain Will Change The MCU

Kang The Conqueror is a character who appears in many different forms at different points in the MCU timeline. It is as though there are many versions of Kang or even a group of Kangs, which makes him an all-pervading and never-ending villain in the MCU. Each variant of Kang is different, existing in different timelines and serving a different purpose, sometimes evil and others kinder and benevolent. This leads to innumerable possibilities in terms of storylines.

Kang: The First Appearance:

Kang the Conqueror and Loki
Kang the Conqueror appears in the Loki Finale

He makes his first appearance in the season finale of Loki. The back story for Kang and his origin is still evolving as we go along. However, in the MCU timeline, a young man named Nathaniel Richards, who was named after the Benefactor, was born centuries later on Earth 6311. However, he is obsessed with Earth 616. On discovering time travel, he travels back in time, meets the Fantastic Four. Nathaniel travels back to ancient Egypt and becomes Pharoah Rama-Tut. He is defeated by the Fantastic Four and gets stranded in a storm on Earth 616 that leads to meeting Doctor Doom, his possible ancestor. 

Kang the Conqueror:

Kang, the Conqueror and the Scarlet Centurion

After being defeated by the Fantastic Four, Kang morphs into a new persona, the Scarlet Centurion, who flees back into his own time. The Scarlet Centurion overshoots his time jump and lands into the future. In this time zone, using his multifold knowledge, he creates technology that allows him to conquer the planet and earns him the name of Kang the Conqueror. He grows tired of the endless conquests and wants to travel back to the time of Avengers, where he can claim dominion over them.

Immortus and Iron Lad:

Kang the Conqueror as Iron Lad
Iron Lad is a younger version of Kang the Conqueror

As we mentioned earlier, there are many variants of Kang across different timelines and universes. For example, the younger versions of Kang include Immortus and Iron Lad. Iron Lad is a younger version of Kang, where he travels back to his past to stop an incident. This past-version of Kang is terrified by his future self that he heads to the time of Avengers and converts himself to a hero. Finally, Iron Lad appears as a Young Avenger.

As Immortus, Kang’s future-self, he helps the Avengers defeat Kang the Conqueror. He is a little less evil but just as dangerous and manipulative. He works for the TimeKeepers and interacts with his other variants. This eventually leads to a split of identities, Kang the Conqueror and Immortus, battling each other.

Kang and the Future of MCU:

Immortus and the Time Keepers.
Kang the Conqueror as Immortus, who is a part of the Time Keepers.

As we can see, the possibilities involving Kang in the MCU timeline are endless. MCU is already recreating Kang lore across the multiverse. Kang is set to appear in the Fantastic Four movie. The fact that there are so many variants of Kang makes one think that we may even see a young Kang. And he may appear as a part of the Young Avengers. The world is a stage for Kang and his variants in the MCU.

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