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Kang the Conqueror Formed An Evil Avengers Team For Himself

SPOILERS for Avengers Mech Strike #5!

The time-travelling villain, Kang the Conqueror has just assembled his version of Evil Avengers who have killed countless versions of themselves across timelines. Each of these Evil Avengers was hand-picked from their respective realities, where they were the most dangerous beasts who had killed their teammates. Now this team, curated by Kang, is on its way to kill the real Avengers from the prime universe.

In Marvel’s Avengers Mech Strike series, Kang attempted to invade Earth by releasing biomechanoid who were later counter-attacked by Iron Man’s designed mech. The ongoing war gave the Avengers a tough time and got Black Panther killed. However, T’Challa made a grand return as the Herald of Eternity, giving the Avengers an edge over Kang’s army. This prompted the genius tech-savvy villain to unleash his most menacing secret weapon. 

When the Evil Avengers Assembled

He launched his team of Evil Avengers, some of the most grotesque creatures across multiverses. Calling them Evil is an understatement as they are a team of sinister and terrifying monsters who left Earth’s Mightiest Heroes scrambling for life. 

Some of the prominent members of this undead team were Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor. However, none of them looked even closer to the heroes we know. While Iron Man was entirely an android and tech with nothing but an exposed human brain, Spider-Man had become a spider monster. Additionally, Hulk looked more disturbing with multiple faces and jaws all over his body and Thor was a tree and animal hybrid with the Mjolnir attached to his hand. 

As the battle proceeded, the chances of the Avengers winning was getting bleaker. Just when they almost lost their hopes, T’Challa used the time-stream to disconnect Kang. This stopped his biomechanoid from entering their Earth any further and also led the Evil Avengers to disappear. 

Kang has always been one of the most dangerous foes of the Avengers. He doesn’t possess any superpowers, it’s his brilliant brain and strategies that make the Avengers sweat. Even this genius plan of summoning the most disturbing versions of the heroes had almost defeated the good guys. But Black Panther saved the day.