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‘He’s Like a Black Male Version of Amber Heard’: Internet Reacts to Kanye West Being Sued For $400K by Luxury Fashion Rental Company Claiming ‘Years of Unpaid Fees’

Known for his eccentric ways, Kanye West has spawned a large fanbase around him. The ‘Stronger’ artist has also been through a tumultuous personal life, with it only getting more controversial every day.

Kanye West
Kanye West holding his Grammies

But when it comes to music, there are very few who can hold a candle to his production capabilities. The 24-time Grammy Award-winning artist has been recognized for his talent by many big names in the industry including DMX and Jay-Z.

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Another Controversy dawns

While being most famous for his music, Kanye West has also ventured into the fashion scene, known for his Yeezy shoes. In a shocking, yet-not-shocking turn of events, Kanye West is being taken to court by David Casavant Archive, a high-end fashion rental company.

Kanye West
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian divorced in 2022

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The company alleges that the ‘Eazy’ artist rented their clothes that were never returned. These clothes were categorized as “rare esteemed pieces”, amounting to a six-figure bill of over 200 thousand dollars, a bill still pending.

Furthermore, the company has been working with him ever since 2013 and didn’t face any problems working with him until 2020. For a person who rests on a huge pile of money, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to pay it off, only time will tell why.

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Fans call out Kanye West

Being in a love-hate relationship with the internet, The rapper has garnered attention once more for his actions. Previously, his messy divorce and still confusing situation with his ex-wife has been the center of attention on the Internet.

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Kanye West
Kanye West is allegedly in debt for over 400 thousand dollars to David Casavant Archive

With him not paying back the money, fans on Twitter are baffled by the delay in payment, leading to a lawsuit. Holding his feet to the fire, the fans are prompting the artist to pay off the sum, calling him a ‘cheapo’ for not doing so.

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