Karate Kid: 12 Incredible Facts To Sweep You Off Your Feet

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It’s been 20 years since The Karate Kid came into our lives. It showed us the true meaning of balance and how to juggle everything life throws at you. Mr. Miyagi became in iconic figure. His short but crisp instructions inspired teenagers for the generations to come. After 30 years of total silence, The Karate Kid makes a comeback with the third season of Cobra Kai, which features the legendary rivalry between Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Lawrence. Things are about to heat up pretty soon. Let’s Strike First. Take a look at these hard-hitting Karate Kid facts.


That Was Indeed an Illegal Move

In real life karate competitions, safety is a priority. So techniques and strikes that use the full force of a fighter are not allowed. The Crane Kick uses the full force of the fighter’s lower body. It can be deadly. In a real life match, Larusso would have been disqualified and Johnny Lawrence would have won the round by default. The Karate Kid could have had a dark and tragic conclusion in the real world.


Ralph Macchio Was Not a ‘Kid’ At All

Despite his age, many of his Karate Kid co-stars did not actually believe he was at least two to three years older than them. We have to give it to him. Macchio had us fooled too.

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Pat Morita Did Not Perform The Legendary Crane Kick

The Crane Kick was what Daniel practiced to perfect throughout the course of the movie. In the end, that was what won him the tournament. Pat Morita’s Mr. Miyagi, who taught the technique to him, never really performed it. The complex technique was done by a stunt double in a baggy costume.

Daniel Larusso Was Original Daniel Webber. Johnny Lawrence was Donald Rice


That is sheer blasphemy. Daniel Webber seriously?!?!?! And why did Johnny Lawrence’s original name sounds like a looney tune!!!

Pat Morita Was Not the First Choice For Mr. Miyagi

Morita’s forte was comedy. The movie needed Mr. Miyagi’s character to be taken seriously. The producer’s doubts were legitimate. Nonetheless Pat Morita proved everybody wrong by giving a stellar performance. He was nominated for an Oscar for his role in The Karate Kid.


Many of the Original Karate Kid Locations Still Look Just the Same

And many of these locations are featured again in the first and second season of the web series Cobra Kai.

It Took Quite a While to Find Mr. Miyagi’s House


The movie’s cult classic status led a mad scramble for finding out the movie’s filming locations. One fan really outdid everyone else. He found out Mr. Miyagi’s house. But sadly it had been demolished just a few years after the movie’s release.

The Final Cut’s Two Deleted Scenes

Thankfully the Director’s Cut of The Karate Kid gave us these scenes in vivid detail. Any confrontational scene featuring Larusso and Lawrence are most welcome.


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Rumors of Chuck Norris Playing John Kreese

Oh how much would we have killed to see this happen. But as it turns out, these rumors were just that – rumors. He was never offered the role in The Karate Kid.


Daniel’s Apartment Building Has Happy Gilmore’s Grandma

Frances Bay is also know to play a pivotal role in Twin Peaks. Many stars in this movie went on to become household phenomenon later on.

There’s a Toy Based on the Referee of the Final Match


Pat Johnson was one of the few Karate experts hired by the Director to choreograph the intense action scenes for The Karate Kid’s climactic battle. It is good to hear he at least got a toy in his name for his contributions.

Charlie Sheen Turned Down the Part of Daniel Larusso

It’s not like Ralph Macchio, who went on to play Daniel Larusso in the 1984 movie, had a streak of tremendou8s good luck. He has also turned down movies that went on to become cult classics.



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