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Kate Winslet Was Asked By Idris Elba to Keep Her Socks On During a S*x Scene as ‘The Suicide Squad’ Actor Tried Hard Not to Get Turned On For Real With Avatar Star

Kate Winslet Was Asked By Idris Elba to Keep Her Socks On During a Sex Scene

During a promotional interview on The Graham Norton Show for their 2017 film, The Mountain Between Us, Kate Winslet and Idris Elba had a terrific time as the former exposed the latter in hysterical exposé-style storytelling. As recounted by the Titanic actress, the director of the film, Hany Abu-Assad was inexperienced in filming love scenes between actors on set, and since Idris Elba wasn’t much of a help in that department as well, it was up to Kate Winslet to take charge of the situation. What followed was comedic gold.

Kate Winslet and Idris Elba in The Mountain Between Us (2017)
Kate Winslet and Idris Elba behind the scenes with director, Hany Abu-Assad

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Kate Winslet Reveals a Hilarious BTS Moment With Idris Elba

On the sets of The Mountain Between Us, Kate Winslet starred in her first film opposite Luther actor, Idris Elba in which the two portrayed Alex Martin and Dr. Ben Bass respectively. With impressive cinematography and a compelling performance from the Hollywood A-lister duo, the film easily became a riveting watch for the audience, and one of the crucial turning points of the narrative involved the two actors getting intimate in front of the director’s lens.

Kate Winslet and Idris Elba on The Graham Norton Show
Kate Winslet and Idris Elba on The Graham Norton Show

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Kate Winslet then reveals to Graham Norton while sitting beside her co-star, Elba, and comedian Chris Rock what followed on set moments before the camera started rolling:

“Idris said, ‘Keep your socks on,’ and I’m like, ‘Keep my socks on? Everything else is off but the socks!’ And then Idris says, ‘I’ve got a foot thing.’ This was a moment. I’ve got very very big feet, and they’re not particularly beautiful feet either. I shall keep them inside the shoes that they’re in anyway, so I’m thinking, poor Idris doesn’t wanna see my feet because maybe he just doesn’t like feet in general and that’s the whole thing. It’s the opposite, ladies and gentlemen. Idris loves feet.”

As Winslet narrates her on-set experience, The Wire actor keeps nodding away, occasionally raising his palms and defensively claiming, “What? I’ve got a thing!” Chris Rock, on the other hand, quips suggestively in the end, “I can’t wait to see this movie.”

Kate Winslet And Idris Elba’s Beautiful Disaster-Romance

The Mountain Between Us (2017)
The Mountain Between Us (2017)

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Adapted from the Charles Martin novel of the same name, the disaster-romance drama focuses on two strangers who crash land on the high-altitude snow-covered mountains of Utah and warily rely on each other to get through the emotionally distressing and physically wracking time in the extreme cold and the unfamiliar wilderness. The movie, paced in its storytelling and intimate in its cinematic intensity, takes the audience on a journey that visually captivates as much as it moves.

The synopsis of the film follows Dr. Ben Bass, Alex Martin, their pilot Walter and his labrador. When the pilot suffers a fatal stroke while flying over the Utah Mountains, the plane crash lands in the rough landscape and the three survivors chart a path back to civilization while also overcoming the harsh elements of their surroundings and their own emotional turmoil.

The Mountain Between Us is available for streaming on Apple TV+.

Source: The Graham Norton Show

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