Kate Winslet’s Career Blunder After Titanic: Rejected Co-Starring With Mark Wahlberg In $291M Movie That Won 4 Oscars, Gave Wahlberg An Oscar Nod

Kate Winslet's Career Blunder After Titanic: Rejected Co-Starring With Mark Wahlberg In $291M Movie That Won 4 Oscars, Gave Wahlberg An Oscar Nod

The actress may not be as active in the commercial blockbuster side of things in the film industry today, but Kate Winslet has more than established herself as one of the greatest actresses of all time with her most prominent performance as Rose DeWitt Bukater in James Cameron’s timeless masterpiece Titanic.

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet

Even when she shifted gears and decided to take on more indie and passion projects in the industry, she never failed to make an impact on her audience. But there were missed opportunities that she has unfortunately been a part of, some of them even on a monumental scale. One of the best examples of this has to be her rejection of an Oscar-winning film.

Kate Winslet Rejected The Role Of Dr. Madolyn Madden In The Departed

Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon in a still from The Departed
Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon in a still from The Departed

Stars have a tendency to cherry-pick roles that they feel would be perfect for them or they would be a significant challenge for them if they choose to move forward with it. This oftentimes leads them into a project that either ends up a disappointment or becomes a defining moment in their careers. Although Kate Winslet already had her career-defining moment when she played the role of Rose in Titanic, she could’ve again had the chance to make a significant impact on her career and in the film industry if she’d chosen to star in The Departed. 

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Considered to be one of the best films made by legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese, the exceptional crime drama motion picture won four Academy Awards across different categories, including Best Director Award along with getting Mark Wahlberg nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Thus, being part of such an iconic film would’ve been a dream for many, and yet, the Avatar: Way of Water star didn’t choose to become a part of this project.

It was reported that Winslet, along with other actresses like Emily Blunt, Jennifer Aniston, and even Hilary Swank were being eyed by Scorsese for the role. But then, actress Vera Farmiga was chosen to play the role of Dr. Madolyn Madden in the film, and she did an exceptional job of portraying the character. While the reason for her rejection may not be known accurately, it was still sad to see the actress not wanting the part, especially when Leonardo DiCaprio was also part of the film.

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What Was The Departed About?

A still from The Departed
A still from The Departed

Bringing in the signature Scorsese way of filmmaking, The Departed is a story filled with suspense, mystery, and drama to the brim. It tells the tale of Billy Costigan, a cop from Boston, and Colin Sullivan, a criminal who works for a gang leader named Frank Costello. These two individuals cross paths in an unexpected way.

While Costigan is sent undercover to infiltrate Costello’s gang, gain his trust, and when the time comes, bring him into custody, Sullivan on the other hand infiltrates the Police Department to keep Costello informed. After both of them find out that there’s a mole in their jobs, Costigan and Sullivan race against time to find him out and save themselves.

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The Departed, streaming on Netflix.

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