Katrina Law Returning to The CW’s ‘Arrow’

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Actress Katrina Law will return to the hit television show, Arrow, for an upcoming episode, in which she will reprise her role as Nyssa Al Ghul. Law previously served as a recurring character on The CW show and one-time “wife” of Stephen Amell’s character, Oliver Queen. Law’s last appearance on the show was in May 2017.


The showrunners, Wendy Merciel and Marc Guggenheim, released a joint statement:

“In an unforgettable episode that will change Arrow forever, Katrina Law returns as the Daughter of the Demon, Nyssa Al Ghul, Nyssa comes to Star City to warn of an impending danger that will threaten everything we know and love.”

Law first appeared in the superhero series halfway through the second season. We last saw Nyssa teaming up with Oliver and Slade Wilson (played by Manu Bennett) in the season five finale, to rescue his friends and family from the villain, Adrian Chase (played by Josh Segarra).


Law will re-appear on Arrow, in episode sixteen of this year’s season six. The episode is entitled “The Thanatos Guild.”.

In season six, following the explosive battle on Lian Yu, Oliver must balance his crime-fighting duties, being the mayor, and being a father to his son William. At the same time, new enemies emerge in Star City, led by Helix-founder Cayden James, who is preparing to unleash his project known as Arclight, an operation with disastrous consequences and could result in thousands of deaths. James also recruits a villainous cabal composed of enemies each with a personal connection to a member of Team Arrow including drug dealer Ricardo Diaz, ruthless vigilante Vincent Sobel, Bratva leader Anatoli Knyazev, and Black Siren.

Arrow airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET on The CW!


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