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“Keep it that way”: The Last of Us Star Bella Ramsey Was Asked By HBO Not to Play the Video Game, Fans Believe Show Heading Towards Disaster

The Last of Us Star Bella Ramsey Was Asked By HBO Not to Play the Video Game, F

The Last of Us upcoming HBO Max series has divided the internet since its first teaser was released. As the title already had a large fanbase, thanks to the widely popular game series, the teaser met with numerous comments about how the casting of the show is inappropriate. Now some more statements about the cast of the show have led the fans to lose more hope from the show.

The Last of Us HBO series
The Last of Us HBO Max series

The Mandalorian fame Pedro Pascal and the Game of Thrones star Bella Ramsey form the main cast of The Last of Us. The fans not only accused the show of improper casting but also said that it has deviated a lot from its source material.

Bella Ramsey is unaware of the original The Last of Us-verse

After the teaser of the series inspired by the popular Sony game came out, casting was the first point that was criticized. The story of the game focuses on Joel and Ellie traveling across the U.S. amidst a deadly outbreak in search of any possible hope for humanity to survive. While the fans still could accept Pedro Pascal as Joel, almost everyone pointed out a major difference between the character of Ellie in the game and the on-screen Bella Ramsey.

Ellie Bella Ramsey The Last of Us
Bella Ramsey as Ellie

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The criticism related to Bella Ramsey’s Ellie has been elevated more recently after a controversial statement by the actress. In an interview with USA Today, the actress revealed that she never played The Last of Us game. According to her words, when she revealed to HBO that she has never played the game, the studio encouraged her not to.

“I was actually encouraged not to. After my first audition, they asked me, “Have you played it?” And I said “nope,” and they said, “Keep it that way.””

She further revealed that she did watch some gameplay on Youtube later to catch the essence of the Universe of Joel and Ellie. But the statement didn’t go too well with the fans many of whom are ardent gamers or believers that the source materials should be followed to recreate the magic on-screen.

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The Last of Us brings back Halo nightmares among fans

Paramount+’s Halo

Series and movies inspired by popular Video Games is not a new trend in the market. There have been various popular names on the list. One of the recent inclusion in the list had been Paramount’s Halo which didn’t meet with a very good reception from the fans. Coincidentally that series also boasted a very different approach than its source material which didn’t turn out well. Various fans believe that HBO’s action of deviating from the game can also lead to a similar disaster.

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Disappointing fan reactions over Bella Ramsey’s comment

We have collected several reactions that depict how the fans are largely disappointed over Bella Ramsey’s comment and HBO’s actions.

Additionally, the fans also pointed out that The Last of Us series will also change many plotlines from the game. But the changes might also turn out to be favorable for the show but as of now, no assurance can be provided regarding it. We have to wait till the show comes to HBO Max to find out if it has done justice to the game or not.

The Last of Us will drop in 2023 on HBO Max

Source: USA Today/Twitter

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