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Keiynan Lonsdale To Exit ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

keiynan lonsdale the flash

The Waverider is down a member, as TVLine has learned that Keiynan Lonsdale will be leaving DC‘s Legends of Tomorrow after the season four premiere.

Lonsdale first appeared as Wally West/Kid Flash in season two of The Flash, and by season three had gained superspeed powers like Barry Allen. After going on a journey of self discovery, he joined the Legends to help them battle the time demon Malus.

There are plans for Lonsdale to return, if he should feel like it, although he will not remain as a series regular. According to, Lonsdale won’t have a major role on The Flash this upcoming season either.

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In season three, the team land in Star City after defeating Legion of Doom, learning that they created anachronisms through time. Rip Hunter has formed a new organization, the Time Bureau, tasked with fixing the anachronisms. Zari Adrianna Tomaz joins the team, a hacktivist from 2042 who can manipulate air by using a powerful amulet connected to Amaya’s totem. Rip Hunter tells the team of a demonic entity, Mallus, whose follower, Eleanor, has resurrected Amaya’s granddaughter Kuasa and Damien Darhk for a dark purpose.

DC‘s Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 is now on Netflix!

Written by Collier Jennings

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