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Keke Palmer Teases Her MCU Debut Yet Again, Dresses Up as X-Men Member Rogue For Halloween

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Marvel Studios may not have announced an official X-Men movie yet, but fans are excitedly waiting for it. Although the studio has not officially confirmed anything, multiple hints have confirmed that mutants will soon join the Marvel cinematic universe. For the past few months, Keke Palmer has been fan-cast as one of the X-Men members, Rogue. The Nope star has recently fulfilled fans’ wish to see her as Rogue, as she dressed up as Rogue for Halloween.

Keke Palmer.
Keke Palmer.

The actress has once again hyped rumors of being cast as Rogue. After the MCU confirmed the presence of X-Men in the MCU with Hugh Jackman joining Deadpool 3 as Wolverine, fans are also eager to see more mutants joining the MCU. Over the past few months, one more star joined the huge list of fan-casting.

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Keke Palmer Dressed up as Rogue for Halloween 

Keke Palmer has been fan-cast as Rogue for a while now. The Password star shared her thoughts on playing the character on Twitter. She shared a video of a fan saying that Rogue’s character would suit Palmer’s personality. 

Palmer shared the video with the caption saying, “Come on agentttttttt.” Keke Palmer has once again sparked the rumors as she dressed up as Rogue for Halloween. The Hustlers star shared a series of pictures on Instagram, thanking her fans for their support.

Keke Palmer dressed up as Rogue
Keke Palmer dressed up as Rogue

Not just pictures, she also shared a reel as Rogue and captioned the post, “There’s nothing I won’t do for you guys! In your Marvel Universe, I’ll always be Rogue.”

The actress dressed up in Rogue’s iconic green and gold suit as she shares a quick glimpse with a reel on Instagram as well. The studio has not confirmed any official names for X-Men yet, but fans have started expressing who they want to see in X-Men reboot. 

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Would Keke Palmer Play Rogue in Marvel’s X-Men Reboot?

For now, there is no official information about any actor joining the MCU as X-Men except Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. The duo will be making their MCU debut with Deadpool 3. 

Keke Palmer in Nope
Keke Palmer in Nope

There have been reports that Marvel is planning X-Men’s entry into the MCU. However, it will not happen till phase 6. Keke Palmer is also one of the Hollywood stars getting fan-cast as one of the X-Men members. While speaking to, the Lightyear star talked about the fan cast. 

That’s confidential, sugar. No, I’m kidding. I don’t know,” Palmer said jokingly. She further thanked her fans for supporting her and said she is always ready to play Rogue. 

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Rogue first appeared in Avengers Annual #10 in 1981. She was introduced as a villain at first and soon joined the X-Men. Rogue is capable of absorbing and eliminating memories, and physical strength, along with absorbing the capabilities of anyone she comes into contact. 

Rogue also appeared in the original live-action X-Men franchise. Anna Paquin played the character in the live-action adaptation and went on to portray the character in multiple X-Men films. 

Anna Paquin portrayed the role of Rogue in the X-Men franchise.
Anna Paquin as Rogue in the X-Men franchise.

It is yet not confirmed if the studio will bring the original cast back or would re-cast for the X-Men reboot. MCU’s Phase 6 will come to a conclusion in 2026 with Avengers: Secret Wars. Considering this, fans would not see Palmer as Rogue, even if she gets the role, anytime soon. 

Keke Palmer is starring in the upcoming threequel to the 1992 comedy film, Sister Act. The release date for Sister Act 3 is not revealed yet. 

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