Kevin Conroy Wants a Live-Action ‘Batman Beyond’ Series

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Kevin Conroy has had a taste of the Arrowverse and now wants a larger piece of the pie in the form of a live-action Batman Beyond series.

The voice actor, famous for portraying Batman in animated and video-game form for the past 27-years, finally made the leap to live-action in Crisis on Infinite Earths, portraying a notably darker version of the character from Earth-99.

This take on the caped crusader has not only killed many of his famous rogues including Joker, Riddler and Mister Freeze but he also is responsible for murdering superheroes such as Superman, as evident by the bloody and broken glasses of Clark Kent displayed in his trophy case.

Batman Beyond was certainly not as dark as Earth-99’s incarnation of the Dark Knight but it did follow the more mature tone of Batman: The Animated Series as it is set in the future of the DCAU.

In the series, Bruce Wayne is the elderly and retired version of his former self and he is a mentor to the new Batman, Terry McGinnis. 

Upon Conroy’s casting in Crisis being described as “an elderly future version of Bruce Wayne”, fans believed that the actor would be portraying the Batman Beyond version of Bruce Wayne. While this turned out to be more or less false, Conroy has stated that a Batman Beyond series would be “awesome”.

The one stipulation that seems to be surrounding a Batman Beyond live-action series is the inclusion of Will Friedle, who voiced the show’s main character, Terry McGinnis.

While the actor is too old to be portraying a late teens/early-20s vigilante just starting out in his career, there should hopefully be a role for the actor, who has not shied away from further voice-over work over the years. This has included notables roles such as Ron Stoppable in Kim Possible, various other DC characters including versions of Nightwing, Blue Beetle and Lex Luthor as well as Star-Lord in the most recent incarnation of Marvel’s TV Animation Universe.

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Batman Beyond ran from 1999 to 2001 and introduced Terry McGinnis as Batman to the mainstream DC Universe similar to how Batman: The Animated Series introduced Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya, and how Superman: The Animated Series introduced Livewire.

The first three episodes of Crisis on Infinite Earths are available now, for free, on The CW app and CW Seed. The crossover will conclude on January 14, 2020.

Written by Jai Howlett

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