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‘Not Everyone Knows About It’: Kevin Feige Confirms Fantastic Four Won’t Be an Origin Movie, Fans Divided as Marvel’s First Family Origins Integral to Their Character

San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Hall H, the place of history for Marvel Studios for their impressive announcement of Phases 5 & 6 for billions of fans worldwide. And a surprise reveal was the Fantastic Four movie being included in it. People expect a lot from this movie because of the failure of its predecessors, and Kevin Feige adds fuel to the burning fire.

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A poster for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.
A poster for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

Fantastic Four won’t be an origin movie

Kevin Feige says Fantastic Four won't be an origin story!
Kevin Feige says Fantastic Four won’t be an origin story!

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The president of Marvel Studios and the man with a plan, Kevin Fiege, reported to the disappointment of fans worldwide that the new and upcoming movie of the Fantastic Four franchise will not be an origin story. Although we have already seen the origins of the team of superhumans, it would have been more enjoyable if the movie would be an origin story.

After going through multiple iterations, different actors, numerous recasting, and weak filmography, the previous films were considered a failure by the critics and fans of the franchise. They were never able to pick up the film and get it alongside the likes of Doctor Strange or Avengers. 

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Fantastic Four will announce Phase 6 of the MCU

John Krasinski to portray Mr. Fantastic in Fantastic Four?
John Krasinski to portray Mr. Fantastic in Fantastic Four?

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The film will debut and kick off Phase 6 of the entertainment giant followed by multiple films such as both Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. There is very little known about the plot of the film along with who the cast is! There were several rumors around the internet about John Krasinski portraying the role of Reed Richards again after the much-loved fan reaction in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The actor was reportedly going to act with her wife Emily Blunt as Sue Storm in the upcoming movie however, John Krasinski has kept quiet about his role or even if he is in it. Emily Blunt has however denied the claims but this could very well be the “Andrew Garfield & Toby Maguire” move that Marvel is famous for.

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Taking to Twitter, fans of the franchise and Marvel Studios gave their opinions about their feelings about the film not being a reboot:

Fantastic Four will release across theaters worldwide on 8th November 2024 and will kick off Phase 6 of the MCU.

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