‘Kevin Feige Has Put X-Men Aside’: Joe & Anthony Russo Hint X-Men Were Never MCU’s Priority

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Ever since the Disney-Fox merger, X-Men fans have been feverishly waiting for the MCU to introduce the mutants in their projects. Up till now, not much has been heard from Marvel about the return of X-Men on the big screen. The Mutants are a hot property with a dedicated base of fans who want to see their beloved characters on the big screen. However, there is now an explanation.


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The Russo brothers explain why marvel is delaying X-Men projects
Team of Mutants from the X-Men Movies.

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Why Is Marvel Not Focusing on X-Men?

The Russo brothers explain why marvel is delaying X-Men projects

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Recently, Joe & Anthony Russo sat down for a conversation with AP Entertainment and discussed Marvel’s approach to the X-Men. They shared their excitement and enthusiasm for the Mutants and clarified that the reason why Kevin Feige and Marvel have put the X-Men aside is to perhaps make way for some new characters to be introduced. The said:

That was one of my favorite comics growing up, Wolverine. One of my prized possessions is ‘Incredible Hulk 181,’ which was the first appearance of Wolverine. It’s an important part of my comic book collection. Wolverine being so essential to the X-Men, of course, that would be a fun project to work on and find a new way into it. But I do think that’s probably something that Kevin has rightfully put aside for a while to introduce some new characters to the world and bring that back when it’s ready.”

The Russo Brothers

With Marvel having its hands full with projects and storylines, perhaps the Russo brothers are right. The X-Men might have to wait. This may predictably not go down well with X-Men fans who are waiting to see the Mutants on the big screen. What do you think of this remark by the Russo Brothers? Is Marvel right to put aside the Mutants and focus on other projects? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.


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