Kevin Feige & Jon Watts Talk Possibility Of Osborn & Doc Ock In Future Films

Kevin Feige

Marvel Studios have done a standout job in bringing Spider-Man’s rogues gallery to the big screen. So far, we’ve had Shocker one and two, a Prowler and Scorpion cameo, Vulture, Tinkerer, Mysterio, Sandman, Cyclone, Molten Man and Hydro Man. Nonetheless, many fans are wondering whether we’ll see Norman Osborn and Doctor Octavius in the future.

The Green Goblin has made an appearance in both Marc Webb and Sam Raimi’s movies and Doc Ock appeared in Spider-Man 2 which is exactly why Feige and Watts have avoided using the characters. When Watts was discussing this, he said:

You always start by trying to show people something that they haven’t seen before, unless you have a really good reason, I think, to bring back someone we’ve seen before. Spider-Man has such a great rogue’s gallery that there’s a lot still I think to draw from. I mean, we also put Cyclone, Molten Man and Hydro Man in this movie, in a very roundabout way. … Technically you could say [Mexico’s villain] was like Sandman. But yeah, it’s always about trying to find something new and just trying to push the envelope there, but I dunno, I dunno who it could be next.

Jon Watts

However, bringing Osborn into the Spider-Man movies time around would be entirely different as he can do so much more than simply being the Green Goblin. He could be used as the Iron Patriot to lead the Dark Avengers as he did in the comics or he could be a rival businessman to the many corporations within the MCU. However, Kevin Feige is entirely focused on telling stories with new angles that have not been explored before. On this topic, he said:

It just depends on, is it the right story? Is that the right time? Is there the right angle to do it again in a way that feels fresh and doesn’t feel like, ‘Oh, here it is again.’ Because Spidey, as you know, better than anyone, has a great roster of villains. A great number of them, with Mysterio and Vulture being being two of the best that hadn’t been brought to the screen before. I think it all depends on what the story is. It all depends on what the, what the angle is.

Kevin Feige

With the MCU seemingly building towards the Sinister Six (or at least to the hope of many fans), Osborn could make for a great way to band them together against Stark or he could play the role of their very reason of forming. They could go the comics route and give us Doctor Octopus at the helm but, either way, it seems as though fans would be overjoyed to see these two iconic pieces of Spidey’s mythos join the vast playground that is the MCU, regardless of whether they lead into the fan-favourite villainous team.

What do you think? Should Norman Osborn and Doctor Octavius appear in future movies or are Watts and Feige right to hold off for now? Should we see the Sinister Six in the MCU? Let us know in the comments below.