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Kevin Feige Reveals Secrets About Black Widow At Watch Party

Marvel’s Black Widow has finally told Natasha Romanoff’s story. She was reunited with her family. Well, at least by the end of the movie they were one. While the fans had one too many questions about Black Widow, it looks Feige has decided to share some secrets of his own regarding the flick. The movie definitely had some big shoes to fill as it was the first movie Marvel was releasing after two years. Feige has always been vocal about his thoughts on a project. And now, he’s shared his piece of mind.

Kevin Feige Reveals Secrets About Black Widow


Kevin Feige took over the Marvel Studios Twitter account for a recent watch Black Widow party. Without a doubt, he was showered with a lot of questions. And let me tell you, he has given us a lot of insight. His input has given us information such as the shoot routines, and a lot of behind-the-scenes information. Check out the thread below:

Feige has shared some vital information for real. He told us the scene where Alezie meets Dreykov was in Cuba. But it actually was shot on an old World War II military base in London. The sunny blue skies were later added with the help of VFX. He also said that the production ended up shooting at 3 different continents: North America, Europe, and Africa. When replying to a fan, he also talked about his favorite scene which was the second dinner sequence. According to him, that scene really dived into Natasha’s history.

Kevin Feige Hints At Black Widow’s Impact On MCU


When speaking of recurring characters, it seems like Rick Mason (O. T. Fagbenle), and Harbour’s Red Guardian could be the ones. While replying to a fan, Feige agreed that he would love to see Sam Wilson (Captain America) and the Red Guardian in a fight. But if not this, then he was certainly keen on just David Harbour’s Alexei Shoshtakov. Maybe the MCU will dwell more into his days of being the first Russian super-soldier.


Feige was absolutely silent on Yelena’s involvement in the upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye. Although, he did say that fans will soon find out if she was dusted during Thanos’ snap or not. Marvel’s President Feige finally explains why the movie is set between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. According to him, the motive of the film is to explore what Natasha was up to in between the time she left Tony Stark and when she met up with Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson.

Apart from the major hints, there were little details about the movie as well. These included Harbour actually getting stuck in the Red Guardian suit which made it to the final cut. In the second dinner scene, the family sat in the same seating arrangement as they did during the opening sequence in Ohio. To escape from the Taskmaster, Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff actually jumped in the freezing water to give the perfect shot and expression.

Written by Deepak Vasisht