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Kevin Feige Wants MCU to Follow Star Wars With AvengersCon Fan Gathering Event

Kevin Feige Wants MCU to Follow Star Wars With AvengersCon Fan Gathering Event

AvengersCon could finally be happening. Comic-con is an annual comic book convention event where fans gather to celebrate their favorite heroes and pop-culture icons. The conventions not only bring a deluge of merchandise and events for fans but also host shows, panels, and a live meet-and-greet with stars. And this year, Marvel fans might be getting a new convention on their roster. AvengersCon has been in the talks for quite some time now. With Kevin Feige at the helm, the event is finally in the process of being a reality. The decision comes after Marvel Studios recognized the lack of an Avengers-based convention since every other major franchise including Star Wars and DC already have one.

Cosplay at a comic-con event

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Kevin Feige to Host AvengersCon Fan Gathering Event

With Star Wars Celebration and DC FanDome, the respective series franchises already have their individual fan gathering events. However, Marvel has been managing their conventions at the San Diego Comic-Con and Disney’s D23 Expo all these years.

Ms. Marvel Poster

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Following the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s growing host of heroes, characters, and stories, the decision to finally host a Marvel-based comic con singularly devoted to Marvel and its creations will be a massive success. If indeed such an event comes to pass, it will be the perfect time to launch AvengersCon into the world. With Ms. Marvel releasing soon, the event will not only launch its own journey but will also serve as a promotional gig for the television series.

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Launch of AvengersCon

With the press tour of Ms. Marvel underway, questions about AvengersCon have been flooding the interviews. Kevin Feige has replied, “We were talking about that on the set […] It was very cathartic for all of us to see that and we were shooting Spider-Man: No Way Home on the stage right next door, the scene with the three Spideys. The crew from that movie kept sneaking over to see [AvengersCon]. I think that might be fun to do sometime. Yes.”

AvengersCon Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige at the San Diego Comic-Con

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In addition to Feige’s interest and approval of such an event happening soon, Ms. Marvel’s creator and writer Bisha K. Ali has revealed that she has already worked on a draft of a pitch for realizing the AvengersCon dream, should it happen to come true anytime soon. The executive producer of the series too shared in the revelry of such news as he revealed that Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland, came in to see the soft release of AvengersCon convention at the Ms. Marvel press conference before it was over.

Ms. Marvel launches on Disney+ on June 8, 2022.

Source: ComicBook

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